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VoIP Virtual Office Service
The Phone You May Operate Anywhere in The World

The VoIP Virtual Office Service is as popular as it is efficient for the fact that it provides Telsec clients with the personalized reception and telephone answering services that an office client receives. The VoIP Virtual Office Service is only $75 per month.

The VoIP Virtual Office Service includes:

The VoIP Service Features

  1. The VoIP service includes a VoIP telephone set that a client may take home or move around to different locations anywhere in the world – wherever they wish to work as long as they have internet access.

  2. The VoIP service allows Telsec to provide a client with seamless receptionist services. The receptionist may transfer calls to the VoIP telephone anywhere in the world – as if you, the client, were renting an office from Telsec at 1 Yonge Street.

  3. The VoIP service provides the client with access to Telsec’s mega link telephone lines. This provides the advantage of having multiple and simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls without receiving a busy signal. Also, you will never have clients calling you and receiving a busy signal. The VoIP service provides the client with the option to have the receptionist transfer simultaneous incoming calls to your VoIP telephone extension while you may be on a conference call, etc.

  4. VoIP service includes personalized voicemail.

  5. The multifunctional telephone set is embedded with applications such as visual voice mail, call history, call forwarding, call conferencing, call information and cordless applications – all wherever they have an Internet connection.

  6. The VoIP telephone extension allows you to communicate with the Telsec receptionist without having to speak with this person directly. You could communicate your in-office or out-of-the-office status to the receptionist through the VoIP extension.

  7. The VoIP telephone extension acts as an internal office extension. Therefore, a Telsec client may simply dial “0” to reach a Telsec representative at any time.

  8. If the Telsec client has several employees, he or she would just dial the extension to speak with any one of them from anywhere. E.g. If there are two or more employees, they may communicate with one another even though they are all located at separate locations by simply dialing the telephone extension.

The VoIP Virtual Office Service provides more than a live off-premise receptionist. The following are the additional VoIP Virtual Office Service Options:

In addition, VoIP clients have access to other office businesses services from Telsec at the same rates as our other virtual office clients:

Boardrooms are available at our location for $60 for half day or $100 for a full-day rental. We have 700 locations in 43 countries worldwide. If you require a boardroom in a different location, we will provide you with the rental cost as rates vary depending on the location. You may also rent office space, if required, on a daily or monthly basis.

Also, Telsec offers administrative services such as contacting your clients to confirm appointments, coordinating mailers to your clients, sending faxes, e-mails, reciting your incoming mail to you over the telephone and/or opening your mail, etc. at an additional cost of $30 per hour. If you require administrative services such as typing documents, scanning, printing, etc. the rate is $38 per hour. In addition to the secretarial and administrative services, there are other services we offer that are described on our office services page.

Existing Telsec office space tenants can also use this service, knowing that the service includes the VoIP telephone extension, their existing dedicated telephone numbers, as well as access to the dedicated fax line that you are currently receiving from Telsec.

Toronto Virtual Office VoIP Service

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