Telephone Answering Service

Our telephone answering service and mail service arrangement provides you with complete professional and personalized telephone answering coverage (9 am - 5 pm) by including your dedicated business number on our telephone system. Telsec’s answering service will ensure that all of your clients are greeted by a professional receptionist. All your incoming calls will be handled according to your instructions. For example, calls may be forwarded to your cell, home, or calls may be transferred to your private voice-mail extension. Twenty-four-hour voice mail service, unlimited incoming calls and a prestigious business address for mailing purposes is also included.

Office space is available for expansion without changing your mailing address or telephone number. Free forwarding of both your incoming mail and faxes may be arranged. As a part of our telephone answering service package, we offer various services as well as numerous add-ons to help your business run smoothly.

  • Personalized and professional telephone answering service: Included
  • Dedicated telephone number: Included
  • 24-hour private voice-mail extension: Included
  • Prestigious business address for your own use: Included
  • Incoming/outgoing mail service (charge for postage only): Included
  • Incoming fax: Included
  • Meeting rooms and boardrooms: Available
  • Private offices: Available
  • Training rooms: Available

Begin streamlining your business with our telephone answering service.

Contact us today at (416) 363-9035 or Toll Free +1 877-705-0707 to learn more about our professional and personalized answering service. For more information, please visit our services and pricing page.

To better understand your needs, we prefer a phone call. Please call Telsec at (416) 363-9035 or toll free +1 877-705-0707 for immediate assistance.
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