Telsec Business Centres announces new VOIP Virtual Office Phone Service

TORONTO, July 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Telsec, Toronto’s longest established office business centre, has provided serviced offices and virtual office services since 1980. Today, Telsec has announced a new service - the VoIP Virtual Office Phone. This service will benefit Telsec’s office space clients that frequently travel or work remotely as well as virtual office clients that do not have a physical office space at Telsec’s premises at 1 Yonge Street (18th and 19th floors of the Toronto Star Building).

This new service revolves around the new cloud PBX system that Telsec has installed and is delivered via a Mitel 5330e IP phone set that the client is provided with at no additional charge. The phone is the next generation IP phone that is both feature-rich and simple to use. This VoIP virtual office service is unique in that calls for clients are answered by a live receptionist who is actually at the reception desk of the Telsec Business Centre. This is the same prestigious address that office space tenants and virtual office clients list as their business address.

The VoIP telephone extension allows virtual clients to communicate with Telsec receptionists without having to speak with them. Clients can communicate their in-office or out-of-the-office status to the receptionist through the VOIP extension feature. When clients wish to speak with the receptionist, it is as simple as pressing 0 (zero) on their phone - just as if they were down the hall from the physical reception area. The same holds true while calling other colleagues on the same system. Users just dial the colleagues’ four-digit extension number, even if they are located across the country!

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This new VoIP technology also provides clients access to Telsec’s mega trunk lines and includes the advantage of having multiple and simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls, and even conference calls. This VoIP system puts technology into the hands of small and mid-sized companies. This innovative technology is normally reserved for larger enterprises.

Another great feature of this system is that clients can receive faxes and voicemail in their e-mail wherever they may be working. Then, when they place return calls from their VoIP phone, the call display at the receiver’s end comes up as their Toronto office number and not their cellphone number or home phone number - regardless of where they have plugged in their VoIP phone.

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