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Temporary office space is an arrangement where companies can rent furnished Toronto office space for a short-term without having to sign a long-term office lease as you would in a traditional un-serviced office space. Temporary office Space is perfect for entrepreneurs, head offices or small to medium sized businesses. These types of busineses find temporay office space rental a good short term solution for the following reasons:

  • Some organizations like to have the freedom of moving staff to a temporary or short-term office while they construct new offices or renovate existing office space
  • Some businesses require additional office space for temporary expansion - to accommodate new teams, special short-term contracts, etc.
  • Then there are companies whose need for Toronto temporary office space is not always planned.
  • Businesses that want to test the Toronto market will often seek out temporary office space while they familiarize themselves with the marketplace. It is the most cost effective and efficient solution to use serviced office space locations for these businesses. This gives them the chance to enter the local marketplace without having to incur the expense and hassles of setting up their own offices. This also gives them a place to plan and prepare for a permanent Toronto office without being too hasty.
  • Temporary Office Rental Services

    Temporary office rentals come fully equipped with business services and support including:

    • Full list of all office amenities and services
    • Furniture: Several modern office styles and furniture are available
    • Telephone answering personalized for your company
    • Telephone options:
      • Dedicated telephone lines
      • Instant line set-up
      • Voice-mail
      • Off-premise call transferring
    • High-Speed Internet Service with e-mail address and web hosting: Available
    • Colour copying and colour network printing available: 30¢ per copy
    • Photocopy and network printing available: 17¢ per copy
    • Word processing: $40.00 per hour,  using the latest software and equipment
    • Facsimile (FAX): Fax services available or dedicated fax line available. Free incoming faxes!
    • Kitchen facilities available with complimentary coffee, tea and filtered water
    • Conference style speaker phones
    • High speed internet Service
    • TV
    • DVD/VCR
    • Whiteboard
    • Flipcharts
    • LCD Projector: Available
    • Screen

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Daily office rentals are available for all our products including boardrooms, conference and training rooms or if you want to impress we have offices with a view and private offices and semi-private office solutions.

Temporary Office Rental Details

When a company is renovating or expanding their offices they will often look at temporary office space rental as a turn-key solution while they plan and expand. By moving into a temporary office space it doesn't require them to hire additional office support staff and allows them to continue to focus on their core business objectives.

A large number of companies and organization who find themselves looking for a temporary office space rental in Toronto are those who had not planned for needing temporary office space. Often it is because of a disaster or unplanned change in their business that requires them to seek a temporary office space or temporary office space for lease Toronto.

It is very important for these companies to know that when they need temporary office space that they can quickly move in and know that they do not need to worry about setting up telephone systems, arranging office equipment leases, buying office furniture or hiring office administration staff.

Telsec can configure temporary office space for companies small and large so why not just let our staff find a temporary office solution for you and your staff.