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Coworking is a relatively new concept to create accessible, innovative and collaborative workspaces that move beyond the traditional work-alone office or home-office environments. The concept is that while you may work FOR yourself, you do not need to work BY yourself.

Advantages of Coworking

Many small businesses and freelancers are looking to transition out of their isolated work environments and into a creative workspace that will raise their business to the next level.

Our Toronto coworking office space serves as the hub of activity for independents. It's a community office space for self-employed developers, contractors, freelancers, mobile professionals and small businesses. Like-minded businesses of all kinds come together in one facility to share resources, create a community and reduce operating costs. Rent a space by the hour, the month or anywhere in between.

Coworking is an affordable and flexible alternative to renting or buying office space on your own. The benefits are shared space and office furniture. You pay a monthly fee that includes mail service at a prestigious business address and access to Toronto coworking office space which offers full telecommunication services and access to office equipment and administrative services.

As a coworking office space member, you also have access to amenities such as the use of conference rooms, reception service, and kitchen facilities.

Contact our friendly staff today at (416) 363-9035 or Toll Free +1 877-705-0707 to learn more and book a coworking space for your business. For more information, please visit our services and pricing page.

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