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Boardroom Rental

Boardrooms are available to all Telsec Office Clients, virtual clients and companies that are not clients of Telsec to rent boardrooms for a good price in one of 7 boardrooms.

Having access to a boardroom is very important to a business. Whether it is for meeting with clients, potential customers, suppliers, your sales force or with other members of your team, having a meeting in your office space is not always an option. This is why Telsec has boardrooms for rent to both our virtual office clients or outside clients who just need to have access to a boardroom at an affordable cost.

Being able to rent a boardroom for a small fee on short notice is also important to business owners who do not have a boardroom where they conduct business. It is also important to have a boardroom that is located in a professional setting with modern amenities and the technologies you require.

Most importantly office renters at Telsec enjoy access to any of our 7 boardrooms when ever they want at no additional cost or expence.

• The Full Day price for the Boardroom is $160 for Outside Clients,
$100 for Telephone/Mail Clients

• The Half Day price for the Boardroom is $100 for Outside Clients,
$60 for Telephone/Mail Clients

Note: A cancellation fee of $60.00 will apply, if a boardroom has been reserved and not cancelled a day in advance.

Additional Services / Features Available

• LCD Projector
• High-Speed Internet Service
• Conference Speaker Telephones
• Phone Lines, Modem Lines
• White Board
• Flipcharts
• Slide Projector
• Projection Screen
• Overhead Projector
• Computer Laptop Rentals
• Software Support
• Breakout Rooms
• Catering Service available based on your requirements
• Complimentary coffee and tea - Self Serve

Daily Office Rentals (Fully Furnished) are available

Executive Office Corner Office
• Full Day:  $160.00  $300.00
• Half Day: $100.00  $200.00

Weekends and Holidays: Facilities are available on the weekends and holidays without staff support.

Telsec will endeavour to fulfill all your boardroom and meeting room requirements.

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