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Our Building is a Green Friendly Building

Telsec's Toronto offices for rent are not just smart, they are green friendly. Telsec has taken steps to make its offices for rent more environmentally friendly, by taking steps to conserve on energy and reduce dependence on valuable resources such as electricity and water. In our green office, all resources, including energy and water are prudently managed. To do this we have made some big changes.

Being an eco friendly office is more far-reaching than most other office environments.

The first step we took to becoming a eco friendly office was to replace our old 35 watt T-12 high output fluorescent lamps with more energy efficient 28 watt T-8 low energy fluorescent lights, without compromising brightness. By reducing our energy consumption on lighting alone we saved a lot of energy consumption.

Telsec's eco friendly offices took further steps to reducing energy by optimizing our lighting usage with a computerized system that detects when lights are not needed and shuts them off to conserve even more energy. During peak and off peak times our eco watch computerized lighting system detects whether someone is using an office or the lights have just been left on and adjusts the lighting conditions appropriately. Our Environmentally Friendly system also detects after hours conditions and compensates for lights left on by office users and cleaning staff.

Our Environmentally conscious designers took more steps to helping our eco friendly office becoming a more environmentally friendly green office, by installing new automatic faucets in the washrooms that allow just the right amount of water flow, but are also self powering. A turbine within the touchless faucet recharges the battery that runs the electronics that control the flow and motion detectors that start and stop the flow of water. This not only saves our eco friendly office energy but is an important step in making our green building save on water consumption.

If you are looking to find an eco office in Toronto, be sure to consider Telsec's eco friendly office, located at 1 Yonge Street in the Toronto Star building.

Eco friendly office space Toronto is readily available by calling (416) 363 – 9035 or email josie@telsec.net.

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