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Telsec Toronto Office Space is Open on US Thanksgiving

Toronto office space clients watch Thanksgiving Parade

Toronto office space clients watch Thanksgiving Parade

Many of Telsec’s clients are US based companies utilizing Telsec as there base of operations in Canada. When asked how they will be spending Thanksgiving, the American citizens who work in Toronto at their Toronto office space, had a variety of answers.

One office space Toronto client who hails from New York City told me that they have an early morning meeting in their Toronto office space, but did not want to miss the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Their plan is to take a mid morning flight on Porter Air out of the Toronto Island Airport to New York, spend the day with some family watching the parade, then taking a late afternoon flight back to Toronto to attend an another evening meeting. Having an airport only minutes away from their downtown office that has frequent flights to NYC is one of the reasons they chose Telsec.

Another Canadian office space Toronto client, has booked the seminar training room for lunch time. They have invited their staff and some American clients who are working in Toronto for a Thanksgiving day lunch. The very helpful and skilled catering staff from the fourth floor cafeteria will be preparing the turkey and all the fixings at a reasonable charge.

Even some other clients who have no ties to the US Thanksgiving, have booked one of the boardrooms and invited other clients to come and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade on a large HD Television screen.

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  1. How environmentally conscience of this company to encourage short haul flights, the worst for the environment, for a parade! A PARADE for the love of God!!! Your panoramic view of the Toronto Islands and the Waterfront is valueless with a polluting airport. Be responsible and do your part and NOT CONTRIBUTE to climate change.

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      Artic Fox – The person going to New York City was not an employee, but a client. He is renting an executive office suite from Telsec. I found out today that the client ended up staying in NYC for the entire weekend. Either way he was going to NYC to see his family for Thanksgiving. He chose to fly from the Island Airport because it was more convent, cost expensive and is much more eco-friendly than driving to Pearson and taking a large jet (not to mention the emissions the car puts out sitting in morning traffic trying to get to Person airport from downtown)

      As an aside, Porter Airlines who fly out of the City Centre Airport uses the 76-seat Bombardier Q400s. This high-speed, twin engine turboprop (not a Jet) is one of the most technologically advanced regional aircraft in the world. This makes The Q400 is also among the most environmentally friendly aircraft today, burning 30 percent to 40 percent less fuel and producing an equally lower amount of emissions (and 10 decibels less noise) than comparable jets.

  2. A Friend mentioned this blog to me and it was quite funny, a I too work in Toronto and have family in New Jersey. I had thought about going down for the weekend, but from the time I get from my office to Pearson air port my day is all taken up.

    Thanks for the advice on flying out of the City Center AirPort, it would save me so much time and hassle when traveling to New Jersey.

    I will also be talking to my boss to see if we might benefit from this telsec office space, instead of being at Yonge and Bloor

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