Maximize your office space usage, in a mineralized office space

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th April, 2009

With the advances in technologies in telecommuting, an employee’s office space can be in their home, in their car, in a hotel, or even at their cottage. It is often heard that while some people thrive at working in the environment of their choice, there is still a need for employees of a company to have the social interaction with other employees and supervisors to keep the focus of the tasks and responsibilities they are required to perform. They need to feel they have office space at the companies facility, even if it is a shared office arrangement.

Economic Stimulus Package for Small Businesses

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd April, 2009

Governments are handing out money and giving breaks to stimulate the economy, but most of these  stimulus packages and deals are being given to big businesses like the banks and the auto sector. What are they doing for small businesses? Small business are the economic backbone of this country, yet there are no stimulus packages

Toronto office with utililities included

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th April, 2009

When searching for Toronto office space, many companies forget to budget for taxes and utilities. There is a great deal of office space available in Toronto,

Why Lease an office, When you can rent one cheaper

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th April, 2009

In an uncertain economy, most companies prefer not to sign a long term lease or agreement on office space. Why not have a Toronto office space that is cheaper than a number of Toronto leased office spaces, without the lease. Yes, longer term agreements can save you money with Telsec, but we also offer great

But I Do Not Need a Full Time Office, I Only Need a Part Time Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd April, 2009

This past weekend, this writer of this blog took a trip to Michigan State to visit with his girlfriend’s family. While at the family gathering, I had a chance to talk to someone who mentioned they have to close down their office and return leased office equipment to reduce their administrative costs. I suggested to

Finding Production Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th March, 2009

Toronto is often called Hollywood North, hundreds of films and television productions are filmed in Toronto each year. Every film needs a production office and not all film studios have office facilities for rent for the duration of a production. The offices that are available at or near the studios can be cost prohibitive. Having

Your Instant Office is Waiting for You

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th March, 2009

Are you looking to get a low cost effective office solution? Telsec can set you up in an instant office solution within minutes. With the high cost of infrastructure, your company wants an office solution that fits your budget and still delivers high value customer service to your clients. Your office is part of the

Look for Inexpensive Office Space Not Cheap Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th February, 2009

In a down economy, many business owners look to save costs by looking for cheap office space, rather than high quality inexpensive office space. This is often more detrimental to their business, they forget that part of having an office is the image they project to their clients. They also fail to take into account

Offices and Virtual Offices in Over 600 Locations

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th January, 2009

Where are you looking to locate an office? With access to over 600 locations world wide, Telsec can help you find your office in the city that you want. Montréal is one of the most happening and exciting place to do business. This creative, multilingual, well-connected, well-educated, festive, intense, inexpensive and safe city offers a

Survive the Recession

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th December, 2008

In an economic downturn, your business may seek ways to save costs of renting an office, but want to maintain a prestigious address. Consider letting Telsec help you survive the recession but also contribute to your long-term growth. Telsec offers a variety of options to serve your business office needs. From virtual office, shared office,