Small Businesses Leads the Road to Recovery

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th June, 2009

While this current ecomonic crisis is still not showing signs of ending for many large corporations, it is small businesses that are leading the comeback.

Satellite Executive Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st June, 2009

With many companies moving their head offices outside of the city core, they sometimes want to keep an exuctutive presence downtown. In some cases 2 or three executives may even time share at the same downtown executive office.

Your Address is Important to Your Clients

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th May, 2009

I recently attended a business networking event and was surprised at the fact that fellow attendees were really interested in the address that companies had on their business cards.  My current business card does not have a mailing address on it. While I am a writer and webmaster for Telsec, I am also a client.

Telsec is to office space Toronto, what WordPress is to Content Management

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th May, 2009

Toronto office space management is similar to Wordpress web site content management. With Telsec Toronto Office Space, you generate you business content and they take care of the back office management, similarly with Wordpress, you create your website content and Wordpress takes care of the back end of your website and manages your content for you.

Take Your Calls With You … Wherever You Are

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th May, 2009

You do not always need to be in the office to take your office calls. Not being in the office does not mean you cannot be contacted by clients, especially clients wanting to give you new or more business. Your client can be connected to you without knowing that you are out of your Toronto

Maximize your office space usage, in a mineralized office space

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th April, 2009

With the advances in technologies in telecommuting, an employee’s office space can be in their home, in their car, in a hotel, or even at their cottage. It is often heard that while some people thrive at working in the environment of their choice, there is still a need for employees of a company to have the social interaction with other employees and supervisors to keep the focus of the tasks and responsibilities they are required to perform. They need to feel they have office space at the companies facility, even if it is a shared office arrangement.

Economic Stimulus Package for Small Businesses

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd April, 2009

Governments are handing out money and giving breaks to stimulate the economy, but most of these  stimulus packages and deals are being given to big businesses like the banks and the auto sector. What are they doing for small businesses? Small business are the economic backbone of this country, yet there are no stimulus packages

Toronto office with utililities included

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th April, 2009

When searching for Toronto office space, many companies forget to budget for taxes and utilities. There is a great deal of office space available in Toronto,

Why Lease an office, When you can rent one cheaper

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th April, 2009

In an uncertain economy, most companies prefer not to sign a long term lease or agreement on office space. Why not have a Toronto office space that is cheaper than a number of Toronto leased office spaces, without the lease. Yes, longer term agreements can save you money with Telsec, but we also offer great

But I Do Not Need a Full Time Office, I Only Need a Part Time Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd April, 2009

This past weekend, this writer of this blog took a trip to Michigan State to visit with his girlfriend’s family. While at the family gathering, I had a chance to talk to someone who mentioned they have to close down their office and return leased office equipment to reduce their administrative costs. I suggested to