Happy Canada Day

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st July, 2009

While our office is closed today, yours does not need to be.  With office space Toronto at Telsec office business centres, you have 24 hour access – 7 days a week, regardless of holidays. Not all of our holidays in Canada fall in conjunction with holidays in the USA or other countries around the world

What About Office Space with Fast Internet?

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th June, 2009

There is currenltly a lot of Toronto office space available, but what about fast internet? When you rent raw office space in Toronto, you still have to get services set up like telephones and Internet. The other factor is the amount of time you have to wait for a service technician to install. Once you

Day office Rental

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th June, 2009

I recently spoke with a business man who did a lot of travelling for business and had his office at home. He was considering a getting a Toronto Office Space, but thought he would almost never use it. He only meets with customers in Toronto about one or twice a month. I told him that

Home Office productivity concerns

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th June, 2009

Do you have home office productivity concerns? Are you worried that you are not getting enough done by working at home? While some people flourish when working from home, others need the structure of an office space Toronto to really get into working. Telecommuting and working from home, may or may not work for you,

Your company can grow without changing your address.

By Ian In standard8th June, 2009

I was talking with a client this week about designing their new web site and business cards. They did not want to put their home address on the site or their cards, but instead were considering a P.O. Box, until they found an office. I promptly told them that a P.O. Box looks more suspect

Small Businesses Leads the Road to Recovery

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th June, 2009

While this current ecomonic crisis is still not showing signs of ending for many large corporations, it is small businesses that are leading the comeback.

Satellite Executive Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st June, 2009

With many companies moving their head offices outside of the city core, they sometimes want to keep an exuctutive presence downtown. In some cases 2 or three executives may even time share at the same downtown executive office.

Your Address is Important to Your Clients

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th May, 2009

I recently attended a business networking event and was surprised at the fact that fellow attendees were really interested in the address that companies had on their business cards.  My current business card does not have a mailing address on it. While I am a writer and webmaster for Telsec, I am also a client.

Telsec is to office space Toronto, what WordPress is to Content Management

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th May, 2009

Toronto office space management is similar to Wordpress web site content management. With Telsec Toronto Office Space, you generate you business content and they take care of the back office management, similarly with Wordpress, you create your website content and Wordpress takes care of the back end of your website and manages your content for you.

Take Your Calls With You … Wherever You Are

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th May, 2009

You do not always need to be in the office to take your office calls. Not being in the office does not mean you cannot be contacted by clients, especially clients wanting to give you new or more business. Your client can be connected to you without knowing that you are out of your Toronto