Travel to you office by green transportation

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th October, 2009

Do you travel to you office by green transportation? Have you ever truly wanted to travel to your downtown Toronto office by the ultimate green transportation? While taking public transit is green, bicycling to the office is the truly green way to get to your office. Some downtown office spaces can offer you, but only

You’ve Got Mail, but from whom?

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th October, 2009

When you open a Toronto mail service account or a virtual office Toronto account that includes a prestigious mailing address in a Downtown Toronto office space building, your mail is held for you or redirected to you on a weekly basis. If it is convenient to visit the office once or twice a week, keeping up on

Office Appearance – From a Client’s Perspective

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd October, 2009

I was recently asked by a friend to attend a meeting with them and to share my technical knowledge. My friend was considering making a substantial investment in a upstart business that claimed they were quite successful  and had  hundreds of potential clients visiting their offices every week.  After seeing their office, I wanted to know

Why eat your lunch underground when you can enjoy it overlooking the harbour

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st October, 2009

When you are looking for office space in Toronto, too often you forget about what building amenities that are available. One of the things that most people have to deal with every day is lunch. Most Toronto office space for rent locations require you to have to leave the building or go down into an underground

Reducing IT Costs While Boosting Revenue

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th September, 2009

When businesses look at IT, high costs often come to mind. However, reducing these costs and establishing proper metrics can turn what is often a large expenditure into a way to boost revenue, which opens a path to higher profit. Just a few small steps can mean all the difference to the bottom line. According

Don’t Forget About Real Customer Service

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th September, 2009

Social Media. Word of Mouth Marketing. Online Reputation Management. Engagement. Listening. We’ve given it a lot of fancy names over the past year, but all we’re really talking about is customer service. It’s about treating customers better than they expect to be treated and surpassing their expectations. And if you’re a small business, customer service

The Details: Preparing for Your First Tweetchat

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th September, 2009

This is part two of Twitter series:  Everything You Wanted to Know About TweetChats But Were Afraid to Ask. The first post focused on the pros and cons of sponsoring a Tweetchat and outlined the possible reasons you may want to consider adding this to your marketing mix. If you’re planning your first Tweetchat, it’s

Taking Advantage of Google’s Small Business Toolkit

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th September, 2009

Last week Google announced that they had redesigned the Small Business Network to not only help small business owners stay informed about new legislation, but to also include a small business toolkit. The Toolkit was designed to help SMB owners learn about the free Google products available to help them connect with colleagues and run

Work-At-Home Franchises: Real Opportunities Or Scams?

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th September, 2009

I’d like to make sure that you understand the difference between a home-based franchise, and a work-at- home “opportunity.” The differences are huge. . . A franchise is a licensing system by which the owner (franchisor) of a product or a service licenses others (franchisees) to market and sell the product or service within a

eBay’s Decision Provides a Valuable Back-Up Lesson

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th September, 2009

After years of providing sellers and other interested parties with space to blog about products, services, or whatever was on their minds, eBay has decided to discontinue the blogging platform hosted by their company, effective Otober 31, 2009. Bloggers and sellers are quickly weighing in on this change, mostly with criticisms about eBay’s decision and