Snow in Houston Texas?

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th December, 2009

There seems to be a shocking revelation that Houston, Texas got some snow. This may be big news in Texas, but the rest of North America deals with snow from December until sometimes March or April. In Toronto the companies, who do snowplowing are contracted to be ready, are waiting from October 31st until April

Are you more sick of hearing about the Tiger Woods affair or hearing Christmas music on the office radio.

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd December, 2009

Are you more sick of hearing  about the Tiger Woods affair or hearing Christmas music on the office radio. It seems you cannot turn on the radio without either hearing Christmas music on every station or talk about Tiger Woods affair on the stations that do not have Christmas music on. Do not get me

Telsec Toronto Office Space is Open on US Thanksgiving

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd November, 2009

Many of Telsec’s clients are US based companies utilizing Telsec as there base of operations in Canada. When asked how they will be spending Thanksgiving, the American citizens who work in Toronto at their Toronto office space, had a variety of answers. One office space Toronto client who hails from New York City told me that

Do you have your Vancouver Olympic office yet

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th November, 2009

With 85 days till the Vancouver Winter Olympics open, have you found your Vancouver office to conduct business during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver? Whether you are doing business directly with the Olympic Games, doing business as a result of the games, or even just supporting clients who are doing business as part

NASA found water on the moon

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th November, 2009

All the buzz the past few days around the water cooler was the fact that NASA had found water on the moon. This scientific breakthrough does not mean that you will be seeing bottles of Moon Water showing up at a variety store near you any time soon. This news does tell us that at

Being only blocks south of the city core saves half an hour of commute

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th November, 2009

Today I left my home at the same time as my neighbor and we even took the same route right up until I turned south on Yonge Street to get to my downtown Toronto office space at 1 Yonge Street. I was in my office about 30 minutes when I remembered that I forgot to

Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street and Happy Birthday Big Bird

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th November, 2009

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street. While the 40th anniversary show does not air until November 10th, Google is celebrating today by having Big Bird’s feet as its latest logo doodle. It took a while, but I noticed that the doodle looked a bit different than there usual themed doodles. Usually the

A Quick Thinking Receptionist Saved me a Client

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th October, 2009

I tell my clients that I am not always in the office and that they should not just show up unannounced. Then you get that one client who thinks because they are in the area they can just show up.  I am not an office client at Telsec, I am a virtual office client. I

Zombies on the streets of Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th October, 2009

This past weekend after visiting a photography client of mine in the west end of Toronto, I headed down to my downtown office space.  While en route I found that some of the downtown roadways were blocked. This is nothing new in Toronto, there are always festivals and events that have some streets blocked off or

Got the Flu? Why not work from home

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd October, 2009

serviced office also known as an “executive suite” or ‘executive space’ is an office or office building that is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company, which then rents individual offices or floors to other companies