Executive Office Space with a View

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th January, 2010

New Year’s Eve I was out at an event and got to meet some really great people.  One of the people I met told me that they have been looking for a well priced Toronto executive office that had windows with a view. As the regional sales manager for a US based company, he wanted a prestigious

A New Year Is Almost Upon Us, What About Your New Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th December, 2009

With 2010 only days away, a New Year brings new hope and prosperity. While many people will make New Year’s resolutions like joining a gym , quiting smoking or making some other life changing choices, maybe it is your time to make a New Year’s resolution to grow your business. The first step in growing

Is Your BlackBerry Email Down?

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th December, 2009

It is going to be a long and frustrating day for many RIM (Research In Motion)  BlackBerry email users. It seems that Research In Motion  has confirmed to that its BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) servers are experiencing difficulties and that some email services are being delayed. Most people who are experiencing this problem are not having problems with BlackBerry Messenger

Starbucks offers meeting room, but do they give you a professional look?

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th December, 2009

It was recently mentioned to me that Starbucks coffee shops has some locations with private meeting rooms and wireless internet access. While it sounds great to be able to go to a local Starbucks and reserve a private meeting space, but how professional does that come across to your clients? I know when I want to have

office space Toronto Christmas party

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th December, 2009

This blog writer recently attended the Telsec Christmas party for its clients. I observed a number of things that truly showed me why many of the clients who have office space Toronto at Telsec, have been clients for quite a while. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, the clients who have been office space clients

Snow in Houston Texas?

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th December, 2009

There seems to be a shocking revelation that Houston, Texas got some snow. This may be big news in Texas, but the rest of North America deals with snow from December until sometimes March or April. In Toronto the companies, who do snowplowing are contracted to be ready, are waiting from October 31st until April

Are you more sick of hearing about the Tiger Woods affair or hearing Christmas music on the office radio.

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd December, 2009

Are you more sick of hearing  about the Tiger Woods affair or hearing Christmas music on the office radio. It seems you cannot turn on the radio without either hearing Christmas music on every station or talk about Tiger Woods affair on the stations that do not have Christmas music on. Do not get me

Telsec Toronto Office Space is Open on US Thanksgiving

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd November, 2009

Many of Telsec’s clients are US based companies utilizing Telsec as there base of operations in Canada. When asked how they will be spending Thanksgiving, the American citizens who work in Toronto at their Toronto office space, had a variety of answers. One office space Toronto client who hails from New York City told me that

Do you have your Vancouver Olympic office yet

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th November, 2009

With 85 days till the Vancouver Winter Olympics open, have you found your Vancouver office to conduct business during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver? Whether you are doing business directly with the Olympic Games, doing business as a result of the games, or even just supporting clients who are doing business as part

NASA found water on the moon

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th November, 2009

All the buzz the past few days around the water cooler was the fact that NASA had found water on the moon. This scientific breakthrough does not mean that you will be seeing bottles of Moon Water showing up at a variety store near you any time soon. This news does tell us that at