Another Gold for Canada, But more Paid Attention to the 8-0 Win by Canada over Norway

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th February, 2010

It is amazing that more people paid attention to Canaada’s mens hockey win in a preliminary game, than Canada’s Second gold medal.  Today Maëlle Ricker in woman’s Snowboard cross. In a sport like so many events at the Winter Olympics, snowboard cross  is one of those events in which athletes play with danger, if control

Olympics Day 4, but you want to know about coffee savings

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th February, 2010

Day 4 of the Olympics did not bring Canada any more gold, but Alexandre Bilodeau did receive his Gold medal tonight, but it was surprising that neither Alexandre Bilodeau nor the American Bryon Wilson removed their hats for the playing of O’Canada and the flag raising.  I wonder how many members of the media will

Alexandre Bilodeau Ends Gold Medal Drought on Home Soil

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th February, 2010

Tonight Canadian Olympic history was made when Mens Moguls skier Alexandre Bilodeau took Canada’s first ever Gold medal at a Canadian hosted Olympic Games. Watching the games on TV gave me a chance to watch it live on CTV then ten minutes later on taped delay on NBC.  The American commentators on NBC almost sounded more excited

Let the Games Begin

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th February, 2010

As this blogger watched the opening ceremonies of 2010 Olympic game (yes on TV, because I could not get press credentials as the Telsec Blogger) I was impressed by the artistic show that was put on. Then came the parade of nations. I was a little confused by some of the nations who entered one

Unique Valentine Gift Ideas

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th February, 2010

With Valentine’s Day on Sunday, many people are still trying to find that unique Valentine’s gift. For many it will end up coming down to a box of chocolates and a dozen red rose, for others it will be a Vermont Teddy Bear or a Pajamagram.  But there is still those hopeless romantics who seek

How Would Your Company Recover From a Disaster?

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th February, 2010

With cold Canadian winters, comes broken pipes, flooding, electrical  fires, and other unexpected disasters. While the world is looking at the earthquake disaster in Haiti, smaller disasters that effect businesses here at home often go unreported. Some of the recent business disasters I have heard of in the past two weeks were; a small legal

Canadian firms get a broader exemption from Buy America

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th February, 2010

The Canadian government had been working on a waiver that would shield Canada’s exporters from the Buy America provisions that  the U.S. Congress placed on U.S. President Barack Obama’s $787 billion  economic stimulus package introduced last year. This type of protectionism did not only harm Canadian exporters, but it also prevented US firms from spending

Obama unveils $3.83T budget and Donald Trump is coming to Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st February, 2010

US President Obama unveils $3.83 Trillion budget and yet there is more of a buzz that “The Donald” (as in Donald Trump), is coming to the Toronto area for 4 days to conduct free seminars on building wealth, rather than spending it. Maybe Trump needs to buy the White House and flip it for a

The Super Bowl 44 hype, but is it all about the Game?

By Office Space Toronto In standard31st January, 2010

Next Sunday is Super Bowl 44, it is estimated that over 100 million people will be watching the game at some point during the game. Many of those millions of people are not even football fans. There are millions of people who will be watching Super Bowl 44 for the commercials. Companies pay millions of

Haiti Earthquake

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th January, 2010

It is amazing how people come together in a time of disaster and tragedy. I went into the office the other day and there was a jar on the reception desk full of pennies and other change. The sign on the jar said “Pennies For the Children of Haiti”, it went on to say the goal