Academy Award Results, not the show is what people seem to want

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The 82nd Academy Awards were held Sunday night, but overnight ratings are not expected to be good.  This is due in part to declining ratings in past years and the show running an hour past prime time.  This is also due to the fact that people are losing interest in the show. These days there are

Are you going to the Toronto International Bicycle Show March 5-7, 2010

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While it is not bicycle weather yet, unless you are one of the hard core cyclists that ride year round. It has been a long and cold winter, so with the warmer weather approaching, people are starting to think of getting out their bike and getting it ready for a spring tune up.  Many others

Day 17 of the Vancouver Olympic Games ended with a bang and not just the fireworks at the closing ceremonies.

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In some ways this is the saddest blog I have to write, it is also one of the happiest. I am sad that it is over, yet so happy with the results of these Vancouver Olympic Games. Canada’s last gold medal of these Olympic Games was the one that most Canadian’s were waiting to see.

Day 16 of the Vancouver Olympic Games brings Canada its 13th Gold Medal

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Until today only 2 other countries had won 13 gold medals at the winter Olympics, the only other countries to win 13 gold in a Winter Olympic Games were the Soviet Union in 1976 (Innsbruck, Austria) and Norway in 2002 (Salt Lake City, Utah). Today, Canada became the third. If Canada beats the USA in

Day 15 and another 4 medals for Canada, 2 Gold, a Silver and a Bronze

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Canada’s Olympians may not have owned the podium, but they are now leading in terms of most Gold Medals at the Vancouver Olympic Games. Canada’s men’s short track speed skating team finally ended their medal drought, they secured two Gold Medals and a Bronze Medal to put Canada third in the medal race and first

Day 14 of The Vancouver Olympics and Canada’s women win third straight hockey Gold Meda

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Another Gold medal for Canada’s women’s ice hockey team, they defeated a very tough USA women’s team 2 to 0, to take their third straight Olympic Gold medal. What made this Gold Medal sweeter was to take this one on home ice in front of not only a hometown crowd and the Prime Minister, but

Day 13 Of the Vancouver Games Brings Canada’s Best Bronze Medal

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Canada has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at these Vancouver Olympic Games, but the sweetest medal came in the form of a Bronze. Clara Hughes took Bronze in the women’s 5000 metre long track speed skating today, what makes it sweet is this medal is the sixth of her career, putting her in a

Day 12 of the Vancouver Games Brings another Gold and another first for Canada

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While most of Canada is watching the qualifying hockey game between Canada and Germany in Ice Hockey, Canada has already gained another gold medal and another Olympic first. Canada’s women skiers have won the Gold Medal in women’s Ski Cross. Canadian racer Ashleigh McIvor has won the Olympic gold medal in ski cross at Cypress Mountain. This is

Day 11 of the Vancouver Olympics Brings Another Gold Medal

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Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have won the gold medal in Ice Dancing. Not only have they won another Gold Medal for Canada, they made Olympic history, they are the first North American team to win the Olympic Ice Dancing Championship. They went into tonight’s Free Skate with a 2.6 point lead, but there are their American

Day 10 of the Vancouver Olympics was nicknamed Super Sunday

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Today was being promoted as Super Sunday It was Super for athletes in other sports, but not for Canada’s hockey team.  Canada vs USA was the big hype of the day, all of the TV commentators were predicting a win by Canada and the advance to the semi finals, but someone forgot to tell the