One more reason to have an office space Toronto at Telsec

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th April, 2010

In previous blogs, I have mentioned the convenience of the complimentary coffee and tea in the two kitchens at Telsec. I have also talked about how you just need to walk down the hall to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and that it took seconds instead of minutes. I further mentioned that having

Tiger Woods finishes Fourth at Masters.

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th April, 2010

After a long hiatus from golf, Tiger Woods returned to Golf, only to finish fourth at the Masters. Many speculated without the distractions Tiger Woods’ golf game would even get better. But as many golfers will tell you, it is not easy to  get your swing back after 6 months away from the game. Only

Easter Parade in the Beach

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th April, 2010

I had not been to the Easter Parade along Queen Street in many years, in so many years that I forgot they held the parade Easter Sunday. I had planned a photo shoot down along the beach to get some lifestyle shots of a model for an upcoming project, but unlike myself (who arrived very

Toronto Worse than LA in Terms of Commute times.

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th March, 2010

A recent study by the Toronto Board of Trade states “Toronto is a great place to live, if only you could manage to get to work”. This study shows that Toronto commute times are getting to be the worst in the world. Of the nineteen big cities included in the study, The average Toronto commute

Easter and Passover

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th March, 2010

While Good Friday falls on April 2, 2010 and Easter Sunday is April 4th. Passover will start on Tuesday, the 30th of March and will continue for 7 days until Monday, the 5th of April., Easter is a Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ; celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal

Earth Hour 2010

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th March, 2010

Earth Hour Earth Hour 2010 takes place on Saturday March 27th at 8.30pm (local time) and the lights will be out for an hour somewhere in the world for that hour. Once again, famous and not so famous buildings along with landmarks and little known places will turn off their lights in contemplation of our

March Madness leads up to sweet sixteen and the final four

By Office Space Toronto In standard21st March, 2010

With NCAA (US college) basketball championship underway, March Madness has began. The NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Championship is a single elimination tournament held each spring in the United States, featuring 65 college basketball teams, both conference champions and at-large selections.  While The phrase “March Madness” was coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939 to

Social Networking in real time.

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th March, 2010

I was at a social event on Saturday night and overheard a conversation about someone looking for downtown Toronto office space. It did not take long for one of the people involved in the conversation to point me out and say … “you should talk to him, he blogs about office space Toronto”. So I

Let the Coffee Wars Begin

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th March, 2010

First there was the cola war between Coke and Pepsi, then there was the burger war of Wopper versus Big Mac, now its the coffee war of McDonalds versus Tim Hortons. Over the past few years, McDonalds has been stepping up their game when it comes to coffee in order to compete with Tim Hortons.

International Women’s Day is a day to Celebrate Women

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th March, 2010

Today (8 March), is International Women’s Day a day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future all around the world. The first IWD was run in 1911. Next year marks the IWD Global Centenary 1911-2011 With International Women’s Day now an official holiday in countries like China, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan,