Earthquake in Toronto? Did you feel it?

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd June, 2010

Today a 5.o magnitude earthquake hit Toronto and I did not even notice it. At the time the quake struck, I was in my car on my way to my downtown office space for an afternoon meeting. I was totally unaware a earthquake had happened until I had parked my car. There were some protesters

Today is the First Day of Summer and the longest day of the year

By Office Space Toronto In standard21st June, 2010

Today is the official 1st day of summer 2010, June 21, 2010 is the official first day of summer, it is also known as the “longest day of the year”. It’s the longest because this day is when the northern hemisphere gets the most sunlight of any other day in the year. However, this does

Not only is the G20 here, but so are the Vuvuzelas

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th June, 2010

The fences surrounding the G20 Summit security zones are up and the protests have started, for the next 7 days downtown Toronto is going to be chaotic with traffic jams and protesters impeding pedestrian traffic. If that was not enough, the Vuvuzelas have also arrived in Toronto. Yes, those Vuvuzela horns that have created havoc

So You did not win the 50 Million Dollar Lotto Maxx

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th June, 2010

So you did not win the 50 million, don’t feel bad… It seems that for the third week in a row, there was no winner of the largest lottery prize in Canadian history. It also seems that only 27 of the 45 Maxmillion draws were won, 16 in Ontario and 11 in Quebec. Next week, the

Twitter is taking over the way people communicate

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th June, 2010

It seems that almost everyone has a twitter account these days. Not only are people using twitter to keep up with their friends, they are now using it to keep up to date on things like the FIFA World Cup, news about the Gulf of Mexico oils spill, Paul McCartney’s birthday and now the Toronto

G20 Vs FIFA World Cup what are you paying attention to?

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th June, 2010

The two biggest news stories in Toronto are the preparations and security for the G20 Summit and the FIFA World Cup of soccer. These are also the two big topics of conversation in the kitchen at my office space Toronto. Now that the building that houses my Toronto office space is included in one of

G20 Summit Planning Guide for Office Space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th June, 2010

Telsec downtown Toronto office space  management has been working with the building management, who have been working with federal and municipal law enforcement to provide a safe and secure environment for our tenants during the period leading up to the G20 summit. Here are some of the recommendations It is strongly suggested that tenants avoid

Day Four of the FIFA World cup is buzzing

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th June, 2010

Day four of the FIFA World Cup of Soccer brings  Italy’s first game of this World Cup. The game has been widely anticipated around Toronto. Restaurants and pubs throughout the city are packed with fans who have taken this Monday afternoon off to watch their team in its first game of this tournament. While getting

My Downtown Toronto Office Space is alive with Word Cup Fever

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th June, 2010

For most of the next month, millions of people around the world will be glued to television sets and computer screens watching 32 nation teams compete in South Africa for the most coveted trophy in the sports world , the FIFA World Cup. World Cup fever has even reached my Toronto office space! I am

Maybe Jim Balsillie should buy the Toronto Maple Leafs

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th June, 2010

The Toronto Sun splashed the headline of “It’s official: Leafs are NHL’s biggest losers”. I think the biggest losers are the Toronto Maple Leaf fans, as this new title will probably never be beaten by any other team. When the Chicago Blackhawks won game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup finals on Wednesday night, the