Why Canada will never win or even qualify for World Cup

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th July, 2010

The World Cup was won by the team that did the job on the field. The Spanish fans took over College Street and even took over a streetcar. This almost rivaled the G20 protesters.  If the Dutch team won the Word Cup, Toronto would have been littered by wooden shoes or Marijuana plants. Yes, many in Canada will

Lisa LaFlamme to take over CTV anchor from Lloyd Robertson

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th July, 2010

Lloyd Robertson announced on Thursday that he would be retiring after 28 years behind the anchor desk and 35 years at CTV. Robertson will continue to be behind the anchor desk for another year, but will not be leaving the network completely. He will stay on with CTV as the host of the current affairs

A break in the heat wave

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th July, 2010

It is not often that I welcome rain, but in todays case, I am loving it.  I am looking forward to it warming up again,  just not the humidity that we experienced this week. When I am in my Toronto office space the heat and humidity are not a problem, as the office is climate controlled. It is

Another Hot Day in Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th July, 2010

Another hot day in Toronto. As I sit here in my air conditioned  downtown Toronto office space,  I am fully aware that it is still hot outside on day 5 of this heat wave. I am however watching as a large number of people are getting on the ferry boats and going over to the

Shriners are the latest group to take over Toronto streets

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th July, 2010

Just when you thought it was safe to drive in downtown Toronto again, the Shriners  come to town. Over 10,000 Shriners are in Toronto this week for their annual convention. As part of their convention, they hold a parade with elaborate floats and miniature vehicles.This year with the Shriner convention in Toronto, they will be

It’s Officially a Heat Wave

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th July, 2010

To be considered a true heatwave it must be over 32 degrees for three consecutive days and today it hit over 35 (not including the humidity factor). The City of Toronto upgraded the “Heat Alert” they posted on Sunday, to an “Extreme Heat Alert” today. The city has opened several cooling centres such as Metro Hall that

Happy Pride Toronto.

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th July, 2010

Toronto’s second largest parade and North America’s largest pride parade happened on Sunday. The 30th annual Pride Toronto parade was full of colourful floats and groups showing off their pride. The missing float was that of those who were proud to have a downtown Toronto office space, but there is always next year. Meanwhile a few hours

Happy 143rd Canada

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st July, 2010

Saying Happy 143rd Birthday Canada makes more sense than saying Happy 27th Canada Day. What a lot of people may not know or may not remember is that the first time July 1st was called “Canada Day” was 1983. Previously July first was known as “Dominion Day”, but an Act of Parliament in October of

Her Majesty The Queen’s 22nd tour of Canada

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th June, 2010

Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s began her 22nd Royal tour of Canada today in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but she has actually visited Canada 24 times (twice as Princess Elizabeth). The Royal Couple had been met by heavy rain earlier when their Canadian Armed Forces plane touched down at Halifax. The Queen will be in Canada

The G20 is over and now I can pay more attention to the FIFA World Cup

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th June, 2010

I was writing a great blog, then the power went out. This is not something I could blame on the G20 protesters or the near riots going on downtown Toronto, but it was mother nature that caused this power outage. The blog I was actually writing was about the disappointment I had with the protesters