Finding a new home is harder than finding an office space in downtown Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd July, 2010

I wish finding a new home was as easy as it was for me to find my downtown Toronto office space. I decided that I no longer want to live in the suburbs and want to find a place closer to downtown. I look daily on craigslist and most often what people are posting is

Need a car downtown? Why not a Zipcar

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th July, 2010

Who needs a car downtown Toronto when there are Zipcars and Autoshare locations all over Toronto. There is an Autoshare location within a half block of my downtown Toronto office space in the Toronto Star Building. The condominium building called “Pinnacle” across the road is an Autoshare location. There is a Zipcar location on Queens

The view from my Toronto office space

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th July, 2010

I was in my downtown Toronto office space over looking Harbourfront and the Toronto Islands on Sunday afternoon.  I had to pick a file and wait for a call on my cell phone in order to arrange the drop off of the file.  While I was waiting for the call, I decided to look out

Playing Tour guide to visiting friends

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th July, 2010

It is amazing how one forgets some of the amazing attractions there are in and around downtown Toronto. Places we may or may not have ever visited, or even knew were there. Sometimes we take these places for granted and never actually go to them, until we get a visitor from out of town. This

Regis and Kelly invade PEI

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th July, 2010

Americas morning television duo Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa rocketed the search term “Prince Edward Island” ranked second in the top Google search terms in the United States on Monday, even Tuesday the search term was ranked 19th. Live with Regis and Kelly are in PEI to do two live shows and two taped shows

World Cup Finals was the buzz in the office today

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th July, 2010

World Cup Finals was the buzz in the office today, not vuvuzelas. All the talk around the coffee machine at my Toronto office space today seemed to be about the World Cup final and the Spanish win. While some office space tenants were talking about this octopus that had predicted the winners of  all the important

Why Canada will never win or even qualify for World Cup

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th July, 2010

The World Cup was won by the team that did the job on the field. The Spanish fans took over College Street and even took over a streetcar. This almost rivaled the G20 protesters.  If the Dutch team won the Word Cup, Toronto would have been littered by wooden shoes or Marijuana plants. Yes, many in Canada will

Lisa LaFlamme to take over CTV anchor from Lloyd Robertson

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th July, 2010

Lloyd Robertson announced on Thursday that he would be retiring after 28 years behind the anchor desk and 35 years at CTV. Robertson will continue to be behind the anchor desk for another year, but will not be leaving the network completely. He will stay on with CTV as the host of the current affairs

A break in the heat wave

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th July, 2010

It is not often that I welcome rain, but in todays case, I am loving it.  I am looking forward to it warming up again,  just not the humidity that we experienced this week. When I am in my Toronto office space the heat and humidity are not a problem, as the office is climate controlled. It is

Another Hot Day in Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th July, 2010

Another hot day in Toronto. As I sit here in my air conditioned  downtown Toronto office space,  I am fully aware that it is still hot outside on day 5 of this heat wave. I am however watching as a large number of people are getting on the ferry boats and going over to the