An interesting Halloween with Tricks and Treats.

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st November, 2010

Here in Toronto Halloween was not filled with the typical shenanigans and according to police it was uneventful. At my door, the numbers of “Trick or Treaters” seemed to be down. This may be because of Halloween falling on a Sunday night. One person got a real “treat” on Sunday, that was Lee Westwood. Westwood overtook Tiger Woods as golf’s No.

A Toronto Virtual Office is all some businesses need

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th October, 2010

A college buddy is in town this week from Surrey, British Columbia. As we were catching up on what was new in our lives, I learned that his 18 year old son was attending the University of Toronto. What was more interesting was the fact his son was paying his own way through university from

Zombies invade Toronto or have they always been here

By Ian In standard24th October, 2010

Yesterday I went with my girlfriend to the Zombie Walk Toronto. She got all zombied up and went as a Circus Ring Leader zombie. I chose to retain my secret identity as a mild mannered photographer, as I had three other photo shoots Saturday that would not appreciate my zombie persona. Zombie Walk Toronto is an annual parade

Just What are Dunny’s and why are they popular

By Ian In standard22nd October, 2010

This past week I was asked to buy a Dunny as a gift for someone assisting me in a photo shoot. I had no idea what a Dunny was and had to look it up on google. I found out that a Dunny is a kind of vinyl designer toy created by Paul Budnitz and

Another Parking Ticket, I should not have to fight

By Ian In standard21st October, 2010

It is often said that the parking enforcement officers are like vultures. Some would even say they are worse than the highway tow trucks who monitor police radios so they can charge hundreds of dollars for a tow that should cost $60. Tonight, I got a parking ticket that I should not have to pay,

Saturday October 16th is the best day to buy a new bicycle.

By Ian In standard15th October, 2010

Saturday October 16th is the best day to buy a new bicycle. Why? because it is the date of the  Bicycle Fall Blowout Sale. Retailers slash their prices for an end of the season sale. Last year a friend of mine bought a $2000 bicycle for $700. There were families there buying $500 bikes for

National Boss Day – what if you are self employed

By Ian In standard15th October, 2010

I read that today is National Boss Day. It is a good idea to have a boss appreciation day, but what if you are self employed? Do you pat yourself on the back? Some will say that your clients are the boss, but in their case every day is client appreciation day. Every day entrepreneurs work for

Finding lost friends

By Ian In standard13th October, 2010

Long before there was the internet, some of us used snail mail to keep in touch. When I was younger, I met a girl named Judy Price at the Canadian National Exhibition.  Judy was from Syracuse, New York, we kept in touch by writing letters and the occasional phone call. In 1986 (or was it 1985),

Happy Thanksgiving You have to love the leftovers

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th October, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian blog readers. To my American readers, I will hopefully be celebrating your Thanksgiving along 7th Avenue in New York City. This year I have a lot to be thankful for. I met a very special young lady who is everything to me. She is someone I see spending many

Why all the buzz about some Facebook Event

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th October, 2010

For the past few hours I have been noticing Google and Twitter trends and the one that seems to be picking up a lot of steam is #Facebook Event.  I have no clue what this is, but it sounds like something big is about to happen with Facebook.  I guess I will just have to