Technology working against the cell phone provider

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th December, 2010

Over the past few days I have been missing calls on my cell phone that all seem to be from the same number, a 1-866 number. I tried to pick up on the first ring, but I seem to miss the call regardless. A friend suggested that it was a telemarketing call that was using

A new website focused on selling virtual office solutions

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th December, 2010 is a new website developed for Telsec Business Centres, with the help of the great people at This new site gives Telsec a chance to promote its Toronto Virtual Office solutions while giving our clients a place to arrange additional office locations around the globe. A Virtual office space Toronto is a great option

It’s not winter yet and we have snow

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th December, 2010

The first day of winter is not until December 21, 2010 and we already have our first taste of snow. It may not be the biggest dumping of snow we will get this winter season, but our first snow fall is enough to throw people into a panic.  Ever since the mainstream popularity of the  SUV, I have

Cyber Monday Deals

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th November, 2010

Cyber Monday is to online retailers what Black Friday is for brick and mortar retailers. This soon to be Hallmark holiday is where online retailers help kick off a season of sales. While most aren’t discounting products as low as they did on Black Friday, there are still plenty of savings to be found. Even

Is it Christmas shopping season already

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd November, 2010

It only feels like yesterday that I was enjoying summer, it is hard to believe that November is almost over and that Christmas is just over a month away. I was reminded of this on Sunday as I was driving downtown and got caught in traffic as Mother Goose was passing along Bloor Street. I

Celebrating National Unfriend Day

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th November, 2010

Friendship is sacred, and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel believes Facebook is cheapening the meaning of friendship. Jimmy Kimmel is encouraging that on November 17th, you cut out some of the “friend fat.” Jimmy Kimmel has declared a new national holiday on November 17th – National UnFriend Day. NUD is the international day when Facebook users

Who needs cable tv when you have the Internet

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th November, 2010

When I moved into my new apartment back in the summer, I held off ordering cable right away. I did not watch much TV when I had cable, so why pay for something I did not watch. There was some TV shows that I did watch and like, but I quickly discovered that I could

The Guild Inn and the injured coyote in ET Seton Park

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th November, 2010

I had a meeting today with clients at my Toronto office space to discuss taking their wedding photos in the spring of 2011. They told me that they had already applied to the city for a permit to have their wedding and photos taken at the Guild Inn in Scarborough. They showed me some examples

Remembrance Day is November 11th – do you have your poppy yet

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th November, 2010

Today as I entered the lobby of my Toronto office space in the Toronto Star Building, I was greeted by a Veteran with a box of Poppies.  As I rode the elevator to the 18th floor, another Telsec office client (who recently relocated from France) asked me what the poppies were all about. I explained

Writer’s Block – How do you deal with it?

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th November, 2010

Today was one of those days that I just could not find anything to write about. When I did get a nibble of an idea, I could only write a line or two. So I tried my usual source of inspiration “The News”. All of the local news was about a chemical spill in the