What Happened to This Epic Snow Storm?

By Ian In standard2nd February, 2011

For days the media has been talking about a major storm that was heading our way. They were promoting this storm like it was going to be the biggest storm to hit Toronto this millennium. School closures were planned before the first snowflake fell, even the Toronto District School Board offices were scheduled not to

I am Always Asked-What DSLR Camera Should I Buy?

By Ian In standard28th January, 2011

As a photographer, I participate on a number of photography forums and blogs. I do this to learn new techniques and get tips on the things that I do not know about. I also like to give back by sharing my knowledge and answer questions. One of the most frequent questions I see on these

Photo Quilting Seems to be a New Trend

By Office Space Toronto In standard26th January, 2011

Yesterday while I was working at my downtown Toronto office space, I got a call from a friend who wanted me to help them do something they had seen on Facebook. They wanted to do a sliced up a photo of their company logo to create a photo quilt for their company Facebook profile. I

Buying a New Camera and Dealing with Sales Staff

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd January, 2011

This past Friday I forced myself to buy the new camera body that I have needed for the past year. My current camera is almost 5 years old and the time to upgrade has long passed. I really needed a new camera body and to put my old camera body into work as a second

Why so many businesses are searching for a Toronto office space without the hassles

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th January, 2011

I had lunch today with a commercial real estate broker that I attended high school with. She told me that the change in the economy has changed the way that businesses look at office space in Toronto. In past economic downturns, growing businesses would look for deals on class A properties to enhance their look and image,

Where is the Big Call for Help in Australia

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th January, 2011

I was out visiting my girlfriend’s family in Oshawa this weekend. My girlfriend has a friend who lives in Australia, her father brought up the point that there is no call for help in Australia like the one a year ago for Haiti.  One fifth of the state of Queensland is flooded and out of contact

What Are The Chances It Was The Same Bill Carroll

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th January, 2011

Yesterday I was getting a coffee in the kitchen at my downtown Toronto office space when Tim (the guy in the office next to me) started talking to me about some guy he had heard on the radio.  He had just returned from Los Angeles for a conference with other branch office mangers. While in

Homeless Man With Announcers Voice – Real or Hoax

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th January, 2011

A seemingly homeless man who has been flooded with job offers after an online video went viral. The video featured his smooth announcing voice. A number of radio personalities including Howard Stern, had their doubts as to whether this video was real or a hoax. Some feel that it was a publicity stunt for the

19 Bell Canada Employees with the 50 Million Lotto Max

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd January, 2011

If you are having problems reaching the Bell Canada call centre in Scarborough today, blame Lotto Max.  Friday’s Lotto Max drawing for 50 million dollars was won with one ticket, that was jointly held by 19 Bell Canada call centre employees. Each of the wining ticket holders will take home about 2.4 million dollars each.

Happy New Year 2011

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st January, 2011

2011 is going to be a great year! With New Years eve falling on a Friday Night and New Years day is a Saturday, my usual Saturday rituals are a little mixed up. Normally on a Saturday, I can be found wondering through St. Lawrence Market. I park my car at my downtown Toronto office