Happy St. Patrick’s Day

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th March, 2011

I was walking to my downtown Toronto office space on Tuesday after a morning meeting near the St. Lawrence Market.  As I walked along the Esplanade, I noticed workers setting up the patio barriers around Fionn McCools and the Esplanade Beer Market. I thought this was kind of odd that bars were setting up their

Shooting More With New Camera

By Ian In standard10th March, 2011

Back in late January I purchased a new camera body, but have not had many chances to use it. I purchased a Nikon D90 to upgrade from my four year old D80 body. I am not retiring or selling my D80, but I am keeping it as a second body that I will keep one

Toronto International Bicycle Show

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th March, 2011

I am heading down to the Toronto International Bicycle Show, so this blog will not be about office space Toronto, Downtown Toronto office space or even Toronto virtual offices. For the next few days I will be taking photos of the bike show. The Toronto International Bicycle Show is the best place to shop for

Starting to Think Those Rodents May Be Wrong

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th February, 2011

With the weather we have been experiencing over the past few days, I am beginning to believe that we cannot put our trust in groundhogs. This year neither Wiarton Willie nor his American cousin Punxsutawney Phil saw their shadows this year, meaning that spring weather was to come sooner. According to legend of Groundhog Day,

You Have To Try Stampede Bison Burgers

By Ian In standard24th February, 2011

I do not get a chance to go for lunch with clients as most of the correspondence is done by email and phone. But today a client wanted to take me out for lunch to discuss a new project they want to get going. Instead of a fancy eatery, they suggested burgers and I suggested

O.Noir-Blacked Out Dining-and Trying New Things

By Ian In standard20th February, 2011

O.NOIR – Canada’s first-ever “Dine in the Dark” has two location Montreal and Toronto. O.Noir dining is a great idea. Sighted people are taken into a blacked out dining room and served by people who are blind. The idea is that when you eat food in the dark, your remaining senses are heightened to savour

Happy Valentine’s Day

By Ian In standard14th February, 2011

While it is a very happy Valentine’s Day for me, it has not always been that happy. This is the first time in 4 years that I have been truly happy on and around Valentine’s Day. I have been with my girlfriend just over 7 months, this is a very special Valentines for us, as

February Blaa’s

By Ian In standard11th February, 2011

Every year we go through this cold month looking forward to spring or even the month of March. A few years ago the Ontario Government created “Family Day” as a new holiday in February, but did not make it a mandatory holiday. Only those in the public sector are guaranteed to have the day off,

Finding the Super Bowl Ads Online is Hard Work

By Ian In standard6th February, 2011

Every year millions of people around the world look forward to the Super Bowl, but not everyone is interested in the game. There are millions of people who want to watch the big game just to see the epic Television commercials that will only be aired during the Super Bowl. In 1973 (Super Bowl VII),

What Happened to This Epic Snow Storm?

By Ian In standard2nd February, 2011

For days the media has been talking about a major storm that was heading our way. They were promoting this storm like it was going to be the biggest storm to hit Toronto this millennium. School closures were planned before the first snowflake fell, even the Toronto District School Board offices were scheduled not to