Why Lease When You Can Have an Office for Rent Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th May, 2011

Many small to medium size businesses that need an office for rent Toronto want good quality office space Toronto without the long term commitment. They do not want to be tied to a lease when all they are looking for is an office for rent Toronto to get their business up and going. Why should

The Best Office Space in Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th May, 2011

Finding the best office space in Toronto is not always easy when you do not know where to begin your office search Toronto. For medium and larger companies their search for the best office space in Toronto begins with a search for office space availability in a class A or class B building. For many

Mother’s Day and Disaster Recovery

By Ian In standard7th May, 2011

Mothers Day weekend has been hard for me for the past many years. My own mother passed away a few years ago and it saddens me to think that she is no longer around to spend it with her. The Mothers Day weekend is also sad for me as it was the Friday before Mothers

Royal Wedding Dress Replicas?

By Ian In standard3rd May, 2011

Over the past few days there were lots of things in the news to talk about over the water cooler in the kitchen at the executive suites Toronto where I have my Toronto office space. You would expect people to be talking about the fact that Bin Laden is dead, the election results or the

The Royal Wedding and Funny Hats at my Toronto Office Space

By Ian In standard29th April, 2011

It was not just any Friday morning at my downtown Toronto office space, it was Royal Wedding day. People got to the office early to watch the royal wedding live on TV and over the Internet. Some people took it to a different level by dressing up and wearing funny hats. When I arrived at

Quiting Smoking while being Sick, I become the Devil

By Ian In standard28th April, 2011

I am currently fighting a throat and ear infection that has made smoking painful… So I am taking this time to go Cold Turkey and quit smoking. It is not the easiest thing to do, but there is no better time to do it. Going through nicotine withdrawal while sick is a bit harder, yet easier at the same time.

What is an Easter Parade without Darth Vadar and the Easter Bunny

By Ian In standard25th April, 2011

The 44th edition of the Toronto Beaches Lions Club Easter Parade was held yesterday. The parade was full of happy, hoppy people including this year’s parade Grand Marshal, Heather Moyse; who won Canada’s first ever women’s gold medal in bobsled at the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver. The parade also had Miss Canada, Miss Teen

Happy Easter, it looks like Patio Season is in Full Bloom

By Ian In standard22nd April, 2011

The good weather is here and people are dressing in more colourful and bright clothing. A walk along Queen’s Quay is just as colourful as walking along Queen Street East. As I walked around Harbourfront at lunch Thursday, I noticed several people not wearing jackets. As I walked, I too felt that I should have

Its Been a Real Charlie Sheen Weekend

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th April, 2011

It began on Friday when I was told about Charlie Sheens tweets, it seems that he was tweeting about walking from his hotel (The Ritz Carlton, Toronto) to his show venue Massey Hall to raise awareness for Bi Polar disorders. I decided to get my camera ready and head down early to get a good

The Charlie Sheen in Toronto Show Has Mixed Reviews

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th April, 2011

I was not able to get tickets to either of the sold out shows with Charlie Sheen and Russel Peters. I did read some good reviews of Charlie Sheen’s Toronto show and some not so good reviews from the media, but was more interested in the reviews of people who attended. I finally found some