Production Office Rental Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th August, 2011

Every year the number of film and television productions working in Toronto grows. With the increase in productions comes an increase demand for production office rental Toronto. The production office is the backbone of any film or television project. This is where all the planning and co-ordination is done behind the scenes. Most of the large

Office Space For Lease Toronto On A Budget

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th August, 2011

How can you find office space for lease Toronto on a budget? Do your homework! There are plenty of resources on the Internet with statistics and current pricing for commercial properties. The first place to check on the Internet is TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) commercial properties website – This will give you an idea of what

How Social Media is Helping Office For Rent Toronto Clients

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How would you like to win a $20 Tim Horton’s coffee card or a pair of Tickets to a Toronto Blue Jay game? All you need to do is to click the “Like” button on The Telsec – Office Space Toronto Facebook page and send us an email at letting us know you have

Benefits of Executive Suites Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd August, 2011

There are many benefits of executive suites Toronto that companies of all sizes are now realizing. The top reasons companies look at renting executive office suites instead of leasing a traditional office is to better manage costs and control budgets. Some companies utilize executive suites as a way of reducing the amount of capital spent

Downsizing Office Space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd August, 2011

The United States is in a major financial crisis and many U.S.-based companies are looking at downsizing their foreign operations, including downsizing office space Toronto requirements. American businesses want to keep their hold on the business they have in Canada, but with less staff and less Toronto office space than they currently have. Downsizing office space Toronto

Parking at your Office for Rent Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th July, 2011

If you’re looking to find accessible office space Toronto, especially in or near the downtown core, there are plenty of parking facilities available. But how expensive are they in the long run? And how much will they add to that supposed inexpensive Toronto office for rent you’re considering? What you save monthly in your downtown

The Best Time to Rent Toronto office space

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th July, 2011

When I was a kid, the sign that summer was soon to be over was the opening of the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). These days you’re reminded that the end of summer is approaching by the back-to-school commercials and sales. Even as early as the end of July, the commercials had started. Two of the

Choosing an office for rent Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th July, 2011

There are plenty of office spaces in Toronto, but choosing an office for rent Toronto that best suits your needs and wants takes a little bit of work. There are several factors that go into making your choice of which office space for rent works best for you. These include; location, cost, lease options, furnishings, telephones and

Toronto office space with inexpensivie parking

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th July, 2011

Of course, the specific building location is very important if you’re looking to find Toronto office space with inexpensivie parking, especially in or near the downtown core. But are you finding that getting there can be a real nightmare – and that the actual parking every day can be a real hassle? Yes, there are

Virtual Office Toronto on a Budget

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th July, 2011

For many home based businesses that do not require a full time office outside of the home, but they do need a professional look by having a prestigious business address. Without the need for a full time office space Toronto, many of these businesses look for a virtual office Toronto on a budget. The days