How much PROFITABLE time do you spend in your Toronto office space each week?

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th January, 2012

Here are some surprising facts from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. Canadians are actually spending less time working! In 2010, employed Canadians were working fewer hours on average each week compared to three decades earlier. Canadians worked 36.2 hours per week on average which was down from 38 in 1976. This seems incredible because

Kung hei fat choi From Telsec 农历新年

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th January, 2012

As I was driving into my Toronto office space this morning, I heard a radio announcer trying to say Kung hei fat choi, but his pronunciation sounded a little off, it sounded like he was saying “Gung Hei Fat Choy “. So I asked one of the Mandarin speaking office space Toronto clients what the proper

Why I chose my Toronto office space for rent at Telsec

By Tony In standard20th January, 2012

A few weeks ago, I was overheard telling a friend why I chose my Toronto office space for rent at Telsec Business Centres on the 18th floor of the Toronto Star Building at 1 Yonge Street. The Telsec staffer who heard me suggested that I write this guest blog. So that got me thinking back

1st Snowfall of 2012-Happy my Toronto Office Space is at Telsec

By Ian In standard13th January, 2012

I woke up this morning to head into my Toronto office space at Telsec.  I didn’t realize it had snowed until I was walking towards the door and heard a crash. I looked out the front window and noticed a nice covering of snow on the ground and an SUV plowed into a parked car. Oh, the

Need Office Space Toronto-There is no app for that but there is Telsec

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th January, 2012

It seems these days that the solutions to a lot of problems can be fixed with an app. Need to find a restaurant? There’s an app for that. Need weather information, there’s an app for that. Need local traffic information? Yep, there’s an app for that! But there is No app for office space Toronto – well

A Toronto office space for rent – and relaxation!

By Tony In standard5th January, 2012

Every holiday season at this time of year, many hard-working Canadians use the time between Christmas and New Year’s to relax. Some who rent Toronto office space, however, use this time to catch up on work because there are far less distractions. I was very surprised when I came to work Christmas afternoon (beats watching

Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah and Seasons Greetings

By Ian In standard20th December, 2011

I wanted to write a blog giving warm wishes to Telsec’s Toronto office space for rent clients and the readers of this blog for this festive season. I wanted to be as inclusive as I could. The most commonly celebrated holidays at this time of year are Christmas and Hanukkah, so Merry Christmas to those

Opening a branch office in Toronto can be easy and inexpensive

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th December, 2011

Having a branch office in a city that you are just begging to service or sell into can often sound like an expensive proposition, but it does not have to be. Opening a branch office in Toronto can be easy and inexpensive when you select the right office space or virtual office space location. The

Choose an Office Space Toronto with Wired and Wireless Internet Connections

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th November, 2011

When deciding on office space, many people forget to consider what infrastructure they will need. Two of the most important infrastructure needs are telecommunications and Internet access. This includes traditional office space that is rented or leased as empty space. The first decision you will need to make about setting up a network in empty office

Demand for downtown Toronto office space rising

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th November, 2011

With continuing residential condominium development, especially in Toronto’s downtown core (particularly in the area around Yonge and Bay Streets near Lake Shore Blvd.), Toronto office space and office space for lease Toronto is becoming less and less available. Despite the current flat economy, new condo units are being built and recently finished units are filling