Office space Toronto tech support

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th June, 2012

With traditional office space Toronto, you have to set up your internal computer network and then find an Internet service provider to bring in the signal. This sounds easy, but sometimes it does not work the way you want it to work. You want your office space Toronto tech support from one source – not two

Why Business Centre Is No Longer A Bad Word

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th June, 2012

I recently had lunch with an old friend who currently resides in Vancouver, he also has an apartment in Toronto when he visits family here. We were talking about him having two office spaces, one Toronto office space and another Vancouver office space. His office space in Vancouver is a private office, but he also

A Good Business Address is Important

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th June, 2012

Before I talk about why a good business address is important, I have to tell you about what a Google search brought up about my new home. When I did a Google search of my new home address, I found that the house was used as an art project a number of years back. It

Traffic was crazy this weekend near my downtown Toronto office space

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th June, 2012

On both Saturday and Sunday I had to meet a few clients only to find that Traffic was crazy this weekend near my downtown Toronto office space. Getting to my office space downtown was not a problem on Saturday, but trying to give my client a lift back uptown was a nightmare. I left the

Working Remotely to your Office Space Toronto without Home Internet

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st June, 2012

Working remotely to your office space Toronto without home Internet can be easily done using a USB Internet stick that is available from most cell phone providers. These sticks are great when you are just using small amounts of Internet bandwidth such as browsing the web, checking emails and small file uploads. The downside of

Google is Helping You to Work From a Toronto Cloud Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th May, 2012

Google is helping you to work from a Toronto cloud office by introducing their new Chromebook will be a faster computer than most laptops in its class. They say it starts in seconds and offers thousands of apps, many of which are free. They have made it with built-in virus protection and backs up your files

American office space clients enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend

By Ian In standard28th May, 2012

On Friday afternoon in the 18th floor kitchen of my office space Toronto, there was a few people talking about American holidays. One person asked “Why has Memorial Day, like so many of America’s national holidays, been reduced to mattress sales, appliance sales, fast food specials, and vacation deals?” All one needs to do this

Happy 40th Aniversary Dundurn Press

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th May, 2012

Long before I started writing this blog for Telsec’s Toronto office space, I worked in another office space Toronto for a book publisher called Dundurn Press. Dundurn is a Canadian owned book publishing company that is owned by Kirk Howard and was started by him and his late business partner Dr. Ian Low in 1972.

Jumping without a parachute into your office space

By Ian In standard24th May, 2012

This morning while reading the news at my office space Toronto, I learned that a British stuntman became the world’s first skydiver to land without a parachute on Wednesday, falling 731 metres (2,400 feet) to drop safely onto a crash-pad of cardboard boxes. Wearing a specially-made “wing suit,” Gary Connery leapt from a helicopter over

Google Maps To Visit Your Toronto Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th May, 2012

A few years ago Google Maps started offering Google Street View, to provide panoramic views at the street level. Now Google is seeking to give Internet users a look inside of businesses. Employing the same Street View technology used in streets around the world, street view can now be used for your business. You can