Why a Toronto Shared Office?

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st August, 2012

We are often asked why someone in a company would want a Toronto shared office. There are many reasons for a Toronto shared office. Every company has its own reasons for needing a particular type of office space Toronto  – not every company or entrepreneur needs a full-time office. Companies who do not need a

Working Remotely During The Olympic Games

By Office Space Toronto In standard31st July, 2012

The Olympic Games may be 3,000 km away, but they still have an impact on Toronto traffic. London just opened their lanes designated for Olympic traffic, but Toronto still has underused HOV lanes. These are lanes that are kept for buses, taxis and other high-occupancy vehicles with more than two people. These far-left lanes are very

Telsec office space Toronto watches for another Olympic bid

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th July, 2012

Back in June of 2012, Toronto city councillors requested a report on pursuing the 2024 Summer Games. Some Toronto city councillors see the infrastructure benefits, while others have said that the international amateur sporting event could come with a massive financial burden on the city and the private sector. But Telsec office space Toronto watches

Let the Games Begin-London 2012 Olympics Games

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th July, 2012

In just a few short hours, the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London will begin. Meanwhile in Toronto at Telsec’s Toronto office for rent, it seems that the games have already began. It started off as a typical Friday, people were chatting about the news and stuff in the kitchen while waiting to get

Some good financial news for Toronto office space tenants – and all consumers

By Tony In standard26th July, 2012

Tenants in our office space Toronto location here at Telsec are in for some good news. The federal government is moving forward August 1 with new measures to help Canadian consumers. Some of these new measures include: • A shorter cheque-holding period • A ban on unsolicited credit card cheques • A new mortgage code

Shopping for an Office for Rent Toronto on the Internet

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th July, 2012

A few days ago, I posted about using a broker to find office space for rent Toronto. A number of people asked me how they knew if the site they were on was a broker site or if they were shopping for an office for rent Toronto on the Internet site for the actual office business

Do business owners ever really take vacations from their Toronto office space?

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th July, 2012

I was going through my email the other day and found an email from one of my clients who had previously told me that they would be on vacation this week. I even recalled that they were going out of the country. I was a little shocked to get the email with a list of

A home office? How about an office that’s like a home!

By Tony In standard18th July, 2012

Ah, home sweet home! We’ve all heard that expression. It refers to all the creature comforts of your personal living space – be they in an apartment, condo, loft or house. But what about the amenities of an office space Toronto that are like a real home? In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be amazing

Using a Broker to Find Office Space for Rent Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th July, 2012

After hearing about a recent interaction with a Toronto office rent prospect by one of Telsec’s office coordinators, I had to do some research for myself. It seems the prospect was given a price by an independent office space broker that did not match the price given to them by the Telsec office coordinator. The

Watching the 2012 Olympic Games at Toronto Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th July, 2012

With the 2012 Olympic Games in London (which is 5 hours ahead of Toronto) people have realized that many of the live events will be broadcast here early in the day. Even some of the events that are being held in the evening, will be seen here in the afternoon. For people who work during