Office space for rent in one of the world’s top five most livable cities

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th August, 2012

Why not have a Toronto office space for rent in one of the world’s top five most livable cities? According to The Economist magazine, Toronto is ranked number 4 of the 140 cities they ranked. Their survey looks at criteria such as infrastructure, stability, culture, environment, education and health care. The highest possible score is

There Should be a Canada’s Best Restroom Award for Canada’s Best Office Space Restroom

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th August, 2012

For the past three years Cintas has scoured Canadian restaurants and public facilities for its Best Restroom award, but they have not searched out Canada’s Best office space Restroom. You would be surprised how many elegant restrooms that can be found in some office spaces. Telsec Business Centres Inc. has some of the nicest and

Downtown Toronto Office Space for Less Than the suburbs

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th August, 2012

The common misconception to small business owners and entrepreneurs is that they can get cheap office space Toronto if they go out to the suburbs. This can be true for large businesses that require large office space for hundreds of employees, but it is often not the case for smaller companies. Larger companies requiring large

Canada a New “Curiosity” for American Businesses seeking Toronto virtual office space

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th August, 2012

You may not be able to get an office space on Mars, but you can have a Toronto cloud office. Late Sunday night, early Monday morning (depending on your timezone) NASA’s Mars science rover “Curiosity” made its descent through pink Martian skies late on Sunday to clinch an historic landing. Mission controllers burst into applause and cheers

The most affordable office space Toronto has to offer

By Tony In standard11th August, 2012

So you’re setting up a home office or have already started operating out of your house, condo or apartment. Chances are that in the long run, you’ll save money. But at what cost? And are the savings really that substantial compared to an office for rent Toronto? What is the most affordable office space Toronto

Telsec’s Office Space Toronto may be featured in a new Movie

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th August, 2012

A film producer was looking for a location to shoot a few segments of his film that would include shots in offices with lake views and offices with city views.  The location scouting team contacted Lindsay (who is one of the office space client specialists), to set up a tour. They took the tour and

Greater Toronto Area is Fast Becoming Canada’s Most Expensive Place to Operate Corporate Headquarters

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th August, 2012

According to a U.S. consulting firm that did a study to find what cities have the highest office space rates, they that the Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is fast becoming Canada’s most expensive place to operate corporate headquarters. Like most major Canadian cities, Toronto faces a shortage in Class A commercial office space.

Letter From Camp sent to Office Space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th August, 2012

Today on the heels of a long weekend, one of our office for rent Toronto clients received a special letter from his son who was at summer camp in Northern Ontario. What made this letter special was two-fold. First the letter was sent to the father at his business address rather than their home, the

You need a Toronto seminar training room for 50 people? No Problem

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd August, 2012

Conference or Toronto seminar training room rentals are not always the first thing people think of when they hear the words office business centre. Say office business centre and most people just think of a cost-efficient office space facility with shared amenities and a-la-carte services. While that is a true representation, sometimes they offer more.Telsec

Large Meeting Rooms at a Small Price or Even Free

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd August, 2012

Recently an employee of a new office space Toronto tenant went to the receptionist with credit card in hand and wanted to rent one of the large meeting rooms for 3 hours. The receptionist was confused and did not know why the man had put his credit card on the reception desk. The man explained