Business Centre Office Networking Can Also benefit Virtual Office Toronto Clients

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th September, 2012

Sharing common areas of an office business centre like Telsec can be very beneficial to office space for rent Toronto clents, especially when it comes to business networking opportunities. Like most offices, many people who work in business centres start their day when they get their coffee, tea or whatever morning beverage they like to

Some Downtown Toronto Office Spaces Can Help you Have Work-Life Balance

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th September, 2012

Having a work-life balance can sometimes be hard to achieve when you do not have the right downtown Toronto office space. There are many office space Toronto locations that can be great to work at and offer a great location for small businesses — but then there are some downtown Toronto office spaces that can help you

One of Our Office Space Toronto Clients is Giving Away a Bicycle

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th September, 2012

The Toronto International Bicycle Show (Spring Show) is the largest consumer bicycle shows in the world. They have had office space Toronto for the last 25 years with Telsec. Telsec Toronto office space eventually became of the show’s sponsors. Every Fall for the past 13 years, they have also organized the largest one-day sale for

Does your Business have an Elevator Pitch? What sales elevator pitch should Telsec-office space Toronto use?

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th September, 2012

There is an important marketing tool that every small business and entrepreneur should have and it is called an elevator pitch, elevator statement, or sometimes an elevator speech. This is a short summary used to quickly and simply define what product, service, or value proposition that best describes what your company and its products offer.

A Good Toronto Office Space Business Address is a Good thing to keep

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd September, 2012

From time to time a business will leave an office space for many reasons, but the last thing some Toronto office space renters want to do is to give up a prime business address. One of Telsec’s long time clients is moving their physical offices out to the suburbs in order for the owner to

The Office Space Toronto Hunt for Red Staplers is Now On

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th August, 2012 The Office Space Toronto Hunt for Red Staplers is Now On

After a month of planning and building the facebook app that would run the contest, the office space Toronto hunt for red staplers is now on! Everyone who can describe where the four red staplers are hidden on the Telsec website ( and enters them on our Facebook page ( contest, will be entered to win a pair

Outsourcing Administrative Tasks Means Savings for Office Space Toronto Businesses

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th August, 2012 Outsourcing Administrative Tasks Means Savings for Office Space Toronto Businesses

Many small businesses with office space Toronto are finding that they can save money by outsourcing administrative tasks such as secretarial work, bookkeeping, payroll and a host of other duties. They often find that there is not only a financial savings, but there is a productivity and expediency saving too. Businesses are realizing that hiring

Why office rental Toronto clients are looking at Credit Unions rather than banks

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th August, 2012

Small and medium-sized businesses that are office rental Toronto clients are learning the advantages of credit unions. They are seeing banks making record profits and they, the customer, are paying higher banking fees to keep the profits up. Small businesses can not afford to line the pockets of millionaire bank executives and bank shareholders are now looking

Toronto Office Space for Rent Clients are Using Content Marketing

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd August, 2012

One of the topics of conversation that keeps coming up in the kitchens of our Toronto office space for rent is online marketing, especially the topic of content. It seems that marketing trends are always changing and in this day of the Internet, it can sometimes change faster than we are prepared for. A lot

You could have a Nap room in your office space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard21st August, 2012

Do you takes naps at your office space Toronto? It seems that the staff at the Huffington Post office space have access to not one, but two nap rooms in their offices. The management of the Huffington post believes that naps can decrease drowsiness, increase alertness and benefit their staff’s overall health. The theory is