Toronto meeting room safe call is new to me

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th October, 2012

I have heard of dating “safe calls” for first dates, but the idea of a Toronto meeting room safe call is new to me. Often, when people are meeting for the first date that has been arranged as a blind date or a date over the Internet, they will have a friend make a safe

When measuring your Toronto office space, try to discount 18 inches per measurement.

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th October, 2012

I once heard an interior designer say that when buying furniture for your home, that you should measure the space you are buying the furniture for, and discount 18 inches per measurement to prevent the appearance of overcrowding and allow for better flow when the furniture is installed. The same thinking could also be used

Sports Talk Around my Toronto Office Space for Rent has Changed

By Ian In standard10th October, 2012

About this time of year all the talk in the kitchen of my office space Toronto is focused on hockey, particularly about the Toronto Maple Leafs. But this year sports talk around my Toronto office space for rent has changed. Instead of talking about the improvements of veteran players and the hopes for new rookies,

Happy Thanksgiving From Office Space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th October, 2012

On Behalf of the management and staff of Telsec, we hope you had great Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving is celebrated each year on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. This often confuses many of our American office space Toronto clients when we are celebrating Thanksgiving on a Monday

Toronto Collaborative Office Space is Not Just for Co-working

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th October, 2012

One office space trend called co-working office spaces is becoming popular with small and young companies looking to grow. They see their growth not only with the help of others, but also by helping others grow in a shared facility that fosters collaboration. What many do not realize is that Toronto collaborative office space is

Technology is Making Serviced Office Space Toronto More Popular

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd October, 2012

We live in a time where technology is changing often on a daily basis. Sometimes these changes and updates are moving faster than some businesses can keep up with. Many businesses are starting to examine some of the technologies they have been using in their traditional Toronto office space – and realizing that they are

Now you can rent the Toronto zoo or a great Toronto office space

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd October, 2012

It seems that the city of Toronto is now seeking to lease out, rent or buy the Toronto zoo. Due to financial reasons, the City of Toronto has issued a request for proposals regarding the Toronto Zoo. What billionaire would not want to have their own zoo? For business owners who are not billionaires and

Start-ups See Office Space as Being Outdated, But Still Want a Prestigious Business Address

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th September, 2012

More start-up businesses are moving away from brick-and-mortar office space and leaning toward a “distributed workforce.” This allows employees to work from home and even in different cities and time zones. While distributed workforce means no office space Toronto rent, start-ups can save money and spend it elsewhere, like hiring the right people, even if

Maximizing cost savings on office space Toronto by considering an office business centre

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th September, 2012

Currently, many companies are trying to reduce their office space Toronto needs by using less office space for each employee. The last economic downturn has prompted a lot of businesses large and small to re-evaluate their physical office space needs. Companies that need or want flexibility in Toronto office space are not finding it with

Why Give Away Buffalo Bills Tickets and Not Grey Cup Tickets?

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th September, 2012

Today an office space Toronto clients asked “Why give away Buffalo Bills tickets and not Grey Cup tickets?” when referring to the Red Stapler Scavenger Hunt contest that Telsec is holding on Facebook ( That was a very good question. When Telsec decided in late August to run a contest on Facebook to promote its Toronto virtual