Planning Your Toronto Office Space is Just as Important as Your Business Plan

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th November, 2012

There is an old saying “plan to succeed; not planning is planning to fail.” In the past, when starting a new business, you had to have a business plan as a written guide outlining what your goals are. But today, you should also have a plan drafted that will help you find your office space

Today is Election Day in the USA and many office space Toronto clients are watching

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th November, 2012

Today is Election Day in the USA and many office space Toronto clients are watching. Why? Because the U.S. is our closest and most important trading partner. I am trying to find examples where foreigners have watched other countries’ elections as much as Canadians watch U.S. elections. There are many office space Toronto clients who

Movember has arrived at office space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd November, 2012

Thursday being the first of November and the day after Halloween, one would expect the coffee room talk at our office space Toronto to be about Halloween and the costumes that either their kids wore or the ones that showed up at the door trick or treating. Nope not this year! It seems the discussion

Business Centers Should Listen to their Tenants – Office Space Toronto does

By Office Space Toronto In standard31st October, 2012

Office business centers are becoming more and more popular because tenants want to be treated as clients and customers by those who have office for rent Toronto. More business centers should listen to their tenants. Office space Toronto does this and has much happier tenants for that reason. In traditional office spaces, companies pay their

Still no Frankenstorm but Superstorm Sandy is Sure Packing a Punch

By Ian In standard30th October, 2012

There has been a big media buzz for the past 4 days about a Frankenstorm that would occur when Hurricane Sandy came inland and ran into arctic winds from Canada’s Northwest. So far Sandy is no longer a hurricane and is now just a post-tropical cyclone that has been re-labelled a Superstorm because of the

Frankenstorm will not close Telsec’s office Space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th October, 2012

Weather forecasters are painting a very bleak and potentially serious picture with the weather system poised to hit Toronto and the GTA on Tuesday or Wednesday. Environment Canada is saying to expect high winds, heavy rain and even some potential snow. According to the people who study weather patterns, this “Frankenstorm” could be one of

Steven Root was looking for Office Space Toronto, but not Milton Waddams

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th October, 2012

When the name Steven Root appeared on the prospect list, a few of the office space staffers wondered if it was Milton looking for his red  stapler (that contest has ended and we are about to award red staplers). The actor who played Milton Waddams in the movie “Office Space” was actually Stephen Root. When

The Right Toronto Meeting Room and Having the Right Meeting Plan are Key

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd October, 2012

Finding the right Toronto meeting room and having the right meeting plan are key to making your meeting successful. You want a Toronto meeting room or Toronto Seminar Training Rooms in a professional office environment with the right technology. Having a meeting at an office business centre that offers meeting rooms Toronto shows your client that

Getting Unstuck From Your Toronto Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th October, 2012

It seems that a number of people these days feel stuck in their office space Toronto. I am not talking about being stuck in a long-term lease, but stuck waiting in their office for that call, e-mail or contract to come in. Fact is that most people do not like to be stuck behind the

Toronto meeting room safe call is new to me

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th October, 2012

I have heard of dating “safe calls” for first dates, but the idea of a Toronto meeting room safe call is new to me. Often, when people are meeting for the first date that has been arranged as a blind date or a date over the Internet, they will have a friend make a safe