Are Teachers’ PD Days Good For Small Business?

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th February, 2013

Professional Development (PD) days for teachers are not always good for parents, especially those who run their own businesses. The idea behind these days is for teachers to get a chance to upgrade their skills and learn new, more effective teaching techniques. But the negative side is that parents who work full time are having to

Walter Cronkite Predicted The Virtual Office in 1967

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th February, 2013

Watching a video from 1967 can often bring humour to many people under 45 who were not even born then. It was quite enlightening, however, to watch a video from 1967 with Walter Cronkite talking about the predictions of what a home office space would look like in the 21st Century. It was amazing how

A New Trend Might Be Going Back into Seminar Training Rooms

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th February, 2013

The trend over the past decade has been that less and less people are traveling for seminars and conferences and doing things via teleconference and Internet web conferences for training and educational purposes. This trend is not only saving businesses a great deal of money in travel expenses, but it can be much less stressful

A Rant About Fake Facebook “Like” Requests

By Ian In standard9th February, 2013

As many of my friends know, I am not only a tenant at Telsec, but I also write some blogs for them and sometimes endorse them on my own Facebook account. I have requested permission of the Telsec management to write this little rant, because I am really beginning to find myself being sick and

Snow Storms and Office Space Toronto

By Ian In standard8th February, 2013

Did you wake up this morning at your normal time and expect to get to work on time? Obviously you did not watch or listen to the weather forecast last night. Some call that “Not Doing Your Homework”; others will say that you planned on just plowing through because you have a vehicle to do

Having Shared Office Space Toronto Can be Good in Many Ways

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th February, 2013

Having shared office space Toronto can be good in many ways, but let us first tell you what Toronto shared offices are. There are many businesses and entrepreneurs who need office space Toronto, but they do not need a full-time downtown Toronto office space. What they need is a desk to work from (to do paperwork or

The Key To Bringing Down Office Space Expenses and Being More Profitable

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th February, 2013

The key to bringing down office space expenses and being more profitable for many small businesses is, quite simply, to be more like “big business.” Many large businesses are getting away from some older technology and pooling other technologies that will be shared with a larger number of users – rather than having smaller pools

Super Bowl Commercials are Office Space Toronto Water Cooler Talk

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st February, 2013

One would expect that the Super Bowl is the talk around the office space Toronto water cooler this week because the big game is this Sunday. But it is not the game everyone is talking about around our water cooler. It seems more people are talking about the epic Super Bowl commercials that will run

How Heath Conscious is Your Office Space Toronto?

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th January, 2013

For years business owners and managers have know that having healthy and happy employees is important to their business. But they did not know how to encourage a healthy work life. While many businesses offer to help subsidize gym memberships and other physical activities outside of business hours, most do not have the tools or

Toronto Semi-Private Offices are a Great Part Time Office Solution

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th January, 2013

In our last blog we discussed the benefits of Toronto shared office space and how many businesses that work on the road or in the field find them to be an ideal touchdown office space – without the costs associated with a traditional office space rental. While shared offices can be a great solution for