The Key To Bringing Down Office Space Expenses and Being More Profitable

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th February, 2013

The key to bringing down office space expenses and being more profitable for many small businesses is, quite simply, to be more like “big business.” Many large businesses are getting away from some older technology and pooling other technologies that will be shared with a larger number of users – rather than having smaller pools

Super Bowl Commercials are Office Space Toronto Water Cooler Talk

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st February, 2013

One would expect that the Super Bowl is the talk around the office space Toronto water cooler this week because the big game is this Sunday. But it is not the game everyone is talking about around our water cooler. It seems more people are talking about the epic Super Bowl commercials that will run

How Heath Conscious is Your Office Space Toronto?

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th January, 2013

For years business owners and managers have know that having healthy and happy employees is important to their business. But they did not know how to encourage a healthy work life. While many businesses offer to help subsidize gym memberships and other physical activities outside of business hours, most do not have the tools or

Toronto Semi-Private Offices are a Great Part Time Office Solution

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th January, 2013

In our last blog we discussed the benefits of Toronto shared office space and how many businesses that work on the road or in the field find them to be an ideal touchdown office space – without the costs associated with a traditional office space rental. While shared offices can be a great solution for

Toronto Shared Office Spaces are Sometimes the Best Choice

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th January, 2013

Often, entrepreneurs and small businesses do not need a full-time office space Toronto. Sometimes they only need the use of an office space for few hours each day or maybe just a few times a week. For businesses and entrepreneurs who only need a part-time office Toronto, shared office spaces are sometimes the best choice. For others who need

Toronto’s downtown office space for rent tenants can enjoy NHL hockey once again

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd January, 2013

People have downtown Toronto office space in and around the Air Canada Centre are buzzing! Tenants currently in business centres offering commercial office space for lease Toronto, executive office space for rent, small Toronto office space for rent alternatives or shared office space for rent, enjoyed the first Toronto Maple Leafs home opener Monday, January

The Tech Buzzwords You Hear Around Your Office Space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard21st January, 2013

Business trends are not just defined by buzzwords and popular fads – but knowing about them can be helpful even if you do not adopt them. Buzzwords like QR codes, Monetizing social media presence, Tweets, Redit, Channels and Platforms, Brand advocacy, Crowd-funding , Comment, Share, Post, Recommend or Check-in are the ones that most people

Executive Suites Toronto are Not Just for Professionals

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th January, 2013

Executive suites Toronto are used by all types of businesses and professionals for various reasons. Some professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants use them as a private place to get work done without the distraction of clients visiting them. Other businesses use them as a place of prestige to showcase themselves to potential customers. Every office

Remembering A Good Password is The Next Challenge

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th January, 2013

Last week we blogged about creating a good password for your office space Toronto computer, as well as having a different stronger password for your various e-mails and online accounts. We showed that a strong password includes upper and lower case characters, numbers and punctuation marks like @#3$%^&!. The problem is remembering that good password without writing

How to Make Your Office Space Toronto Password Stronger

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th January, 2013

In our previous blog we discussed the need for having strong or even stronger passwords on you office space Toronto computer and for your e-mail, financials, personal data, online banking and other places on the internet that you wish to keep safe from cyber criminals and would-be hackers. In this blog we will give you