Big Data is Not Just for Big Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd April, 2013

Have you ever been searching for something online and shortly after noticed ads about what you were looking for when doing other searches, or when visiting other websites? Those are called Hyper Targeting ads. Recently one of our Toronto office space for lease clients commented that he was looking up the statistics on a particular

Content Creation and Sharing Your Content are Keys to Success

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th March, 2013

“Thank you for taking my content and sharing it. Just please be sure to give me some credit.” Yes, you heard that correctly! It used to be that people would come after you for taking content created by another person and sharing it (as a copyright infringement). But in this modern digital world content is

Glass Ceilings Are A Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurs

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th March, 2013

There is an economics term called ”the glass ceiling” which is “the unseen barrier that keeps women and minorities from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements. This barrier is often sited as a reason for women, especially women who have spent a great many years climbing the ladder as

It was Panda-Monium Around Our Office Space Toronto on Monday

By Office Space Toronto In standard26th March, 2013

Monday was an interesting day around our office space Toronto and maybe yours too. A number of our office space for rent tenants were watching live coverage of the arrival of a pair of giant pandas — sent by FedEx from China and signed for by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The arrival looked similar to the

Where Do You Business Network When You Work From Home?

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd March, 2013

In a recent blog about Balancing Work and Home Life When Working From Home, we discussed the need to be very careful to avoid distractions – such as household chores and television – when chosing to have a home office instead of an office space Toronto at a business centre. We also stressed the importance

Rotating CN Tower Office Space Toronto?

By Ian In standard21st March, 2013

I recently read about a restaurant barge in Cleveland, Ohio that is undergoing a massive renovation to re-purpose the vessel to become floating office space for its new corporate tenants. A Cleveland-based software firm called LeanDog is looking to be Cleveland’s first “office harbour” visionary to have their office on the water. The are not alone on

The Smoking Area as a Networking Place Around Office Buildings?

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th March, 2013

In the latter part of the 20th Century, smoking in offices and other public places like restaurants, bars, malls and convention centres was banned in most cities in North America and other countries around the world. These smoking bans forced those who still smoked to go outside their Toronto office space to have a cigarette. Many

Water Cooler Chat Around Our Office Space Toronto Is Often About Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th March, 2013

With March Break coming to an end, there still seems to be fewer people in the halls of our Toronto office space. While there are fewer people, there are a few new younger faces around the office because some office space Toronto tenants have chosen to bring their high-school-aged children into the office to help

Immigrant Entrepreneurs often look for office space Toronto at Business Centres

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th March, 2013

As we have been writing about entrepreneurs, senior entrepreneurs and then women senior entrepreneurs, we have also not mentioned another growing group of entrepreneurs that have office space for rent Toronto within our office business centre – immigrants. A great number of immigrants with unique skills make their way to Canada every year for a

Business Centres are a Great Resource for Senior Women Entrepreneurs

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th March, 2013

The fact is that more and more women entrepreneurs are very much what is driving part of the Canadian economy – and small businesses are crucial to this sector. But more than that, women who are in their forties to sixties are experiencing the biggest growth aa entrepreneurs, as we discussed in our previous blog about