When is it a Good Time for Small Business to NAP?

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th April, 2013

The key to local internet marketing these days is not just having a website and having it tagged with keywords , you have to let the the Internet world (particularly your potential local customers) know where your business is, starting with Google Plus Local Page.

What is Your Guilty Pleasure During Breaks at Work?

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th April, 2013

We are asking our followers to help us help them. Everyone needs a break and we want to learn and share their guilty pleasures are and how they use those break times.

Don’t Overpack or Underdress for Business Travel

By Ian In standard10th April, 2013

The other day I was leaving my Toronto office space when I spotted an acquaintance who works for a company on another floor of the Toronto Star Building. He was dressed in a pair of jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt under a spring windbreaker jacket. He was dragging behind him a very large suitcase and

Big Data? What About Big Brother Canada or Office Space Big Boss?

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th April, 2013

This week we did a few blogs about Big Data that got some attention, but not as much as other series we have done. So we will look at other topics for future blogs. This writer was thinking about this while watching his guilty pleasure “Big Brother Canada” and thought it would be funny to

A Look at Big Data and How it is Collected

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th April, 2013

In our efforts to help entrepreneurs and small businesses understand big data, we wrote a blog called Big Data is Not Just for Big Business. In that entry we did not give a simple explanation of what big data was and how to explain it to those who are not that technically minded. That was until one

Big Data is Not Just for Big Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd April, 2013

Have you ever been searching for something online and shortly after noticed ads about what you were looking for when doing other searches, or when visiting other websites? Those are called Hyper Targeting ads. Recently one of our Toronto office space for lease clients commented that he was looking up the statistics on a particular

Content Creation and Sharing Your Content are Keys to Success

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th March, 2013

“Thank you for taking my content and sharing it. Just please be sure to give me some credit.” Yes, you heard that correctly! It used to be that people would come after you for taking content created by another person and sharing it (as a copyright infringement). But in this modern digital world content is

Glass Ceilings Are A Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurs

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th March, 2013

There is an economics term called ”the glass ceiling” which is “the unseen barrier that keeps women and minorities from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements. This barrier is often sited as a reason for women, especially women who have spent a great many years climbing the ladder as

It was Panda-Monium Around Our Office Space Toronto on Monday

By Office Space Toronto In standard26th March, 2013

Monday was an interesting day around our office space Toronto and maybe yours too. A number of our office space for rent tenants were watching live coverage of the arrival of a pair of giant pandas — sent by FedEx from China and signed for by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The arrival looked similar to the

Where Do You Business Network When You Work From Home?

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd March, 2013

In a recent blog about Balancing Work and Home Life When Working From Home, we discussed the need to be very careful to avoid distractions – such as household chores and television – when chosing to have a home office instead of an office space Toronto at a business centre. We also stressed the importance