Business Casual does not just Apply to Business Attire

By Office Space Toronto In standard26th April, 2013

While we have been blogging about appropriate business casual attire, it was pointed out to us by one of our office for rent Toronto clients that just because you dress business casual does not mean that you take your business casually. This concept has never been more true. If you choose to dress casually at

Good Verses Bad Business Casual

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th April, 2013

A point that I may not have stressed in past blogs in this series about business casual is that there is good business casual and there is bad business casual – but then there is GQ business casual that may not work for everyone. One thing for sure is that good business casual still means

What should Women wear as Business Casual Attire?

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th April, 2013

To start off this blog, I will say that I am not a woman, but I have talked to many women about this topic as part of my research. The best way to start off is to quote a woman who simply stated “What ever you you do, don’t confuse club attire with business attire.

Business Casual for Men at The Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd April, 2013

As I mentioned in the last blog, I had a blog request from one of our followers to write about the subject of business casual in a fun way that was not preachy. I decided in this blog to specifically talk about business casual for men and explore options of how to dress appropriately for your

A requested Blog Series about Business Casual

By Ian In standard22nd April, 2013

the definition of what to wear at the office has changed over the years and sometimes it has gone a little too casual. On a typical day around Telsec’s office space Toronto, you will see people in various types of business dress

Just what are Data Back-up Appliances?

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th April, 2013

As we wrap up our office space blog series on data storage and back-up, we need to address the topic of data back-up appliances. Not everyone feels comfortable relying on cloud back-up, and even those who use a cloud service provider may still want to keep a local back-up copy anyway. When considering keeping a

How much Data do you really need to back-up and how much is Duplicate Data?

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th April, 2013

Continuing with our series of blog entry’s about creating and implementing data storage and back-up plans, we thought we should also share some information about how you can reduce the amount of data that you need to back-up. In our last blog Have You Considered Hybrid Data Storage Solutions we discussed ways to cost effectively store your data while

Have you considered Hybrid Data Storage Solutions?

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th April, 2013

As we continue our blog series “Has Your Small Business Planned Your Data Storage and Backup Strategy?” that discusses the importance of small business to have a solid plan for their data storage and back-up needs, we wanted to focus this blog entry more on actual local storage of your business data. We want to

Cloud Servers as a Possible Data Storage and Back-up Solution

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th April, 2013

As mentioned in our last blog, this week we are going to explore the various types of data storage and help our blog followers as well as our office for rent Toronto clients to find the right solutions that work for their data. In this blog, we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of

Has your Small Business Planned its Data Storage and Back-up Strategy?

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th April, 2013

Some small and medium-sized businesses are looking at the effect Big Data has had on them and how they can tap into it. But many small businesses are not thinking about their local data. Recently, one staffer was asked by one of our office space Toronto tenants what he should do about his slow computer.