Knowing when you do not need to create an App

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th May, 2013

While we continue to talk about apps, one of our readers (who is also a Toronto office space tenant) asked us “Does every business need an App?” This was a great question and something that we had been thinking of for quite some time, as we have been pondering if we really need to create

The first Long Weekend of the Spring is upon us!

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th May, 2013

The Victoria Day weekend (the May two-four to some people) is here! This marks the beginning of Spring and Summer long weekends. Traditionally many people take this weekend to open the cottage or go for their first camping trip – but not for many of our office space Toronto clients who have been talking about

The Business of White Label Apps could be for you!

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th May, 2013

As we have mentioned in previous blogs (including the posting Smartphone Apps for Business – “There is an App for That”), mobile apps are the hottest thing to hit the technology world since email. Apps are used by both consumers and businesses to fulfill a role or do a common task with greater ease –

Go Leafs Go is the Sentiment around our Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th May, 2013

While we normally hold off our lighter-themed blogs until Fridays, the casual Friday inspired wearing of Toronto Maple Leaf jerseys and the talk around the proverbial water cooler at our Toronto office space made us realize that we cannot ignore the fact that the Leaf’s have not won the Stanley cup in 46 years. The

Smartphone Apps for Business – “There is an App for That”

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th May, 2013

More and more small businesses depend on their smartphones and the usages keeps growing. This is because off all the apps that are being developed for business purposes

Technology can be the Equalizer for Small Businesses

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th May, 2013

It is important that small businesses realize that discovering new technology can be that great equalizer that can level the playing field between their small and medium businesses and their much larger competitors

Even Families are Moving into Downtown Condos – Part 2

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd May, 2013

While many condominium project or existing condominium buildings do not make a point of advertising as being family or children friendly, many are and the developer or building management do not even know it

Even Families are Moving into Downtown Condos – Part 1

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st May, 2013

In this series of blogs, we’re exploring why people are choosing to move downtown to be closer to their office space Toronto and enjoy the urban experience of living in the city’s core. We touched on the fact that it is no longer just young single professionals choosing to move downtown, but young married couples who

The Benefits for Small Business Owners of Living Downtown

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th April, 2013

We wanted to talk some specific benefits for small business owners who have downtown Toronto office space in choosing also to live downtown Toronto

Living Closer to Your Office Space Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard29th April, 2013

Inspired by some office space inquires from business owners who live downtown, we are blogging about growing number of people who want to live and work downtown