How to find Legally Free Images and Software

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th June, 2013

Saying “I found it on the Internet” is not a defense against copyright infringement because works on the Internet are as copyright-able as those found in a book or on any other media.

Illegal use of Software is a Copyright Infringement

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th June, 2013

another form of copyright that you need to stay on the right side of is to protect your business from software copyright infringement.

Use Images that you have the Rights to use on your Blog or Website

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th June, 2013

In our previous blog Copyright Laws and your Business – are you on the Right Side? we started to talk about how businesses need to protect themselves from infringing on copyrights and having their copyrights infringed upon. This blog will concentrate on the content a business uses and the content they create on their websites, blogs, brochures

Copyright Laws and your Business – are you on the Right Side?

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th June, 2013

Whether you know it or not, your copyright might be being taken advantage of or somehow you may be infringing on someone else s copyright

BBQ Lunch at our Toronto Office Space

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Every year, Triovest, the company that manages the Toronto Star Building at 1 Yonge Street (home of Telsec Business Centres) has a free BBQ for the building’s tenants. Everyone in the building, including all Telsec office space for rent Toronto tenants, were invited to the annual BBQ. This is Triovest’s way of thanking all the

Photos of Office 43 – now show us your Office Space Photos

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Ian came up with an idea to ask our followers to send us photos of their favorite office wherever their office is.

VoIP Service is also for Office Space Toronto Clients

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while the VoIP virtual office service is being promoted as a virtual office plan, it is truly for any small to medium sized businesses that wants a Toronto virtual office or ones that want physical Toronto office space.

Telsec’s VoIP Virtual Office Solution comes with Telephone Hardware

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th June, 2013

When clients sign up for Telsec’s VoIP service, they will be assigned a Mitel 5330eIP phone which is a full-feature, applications telephone that features a large graphics display with embedded gigabit support.

Is your Organization ready for VoIP?

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th June, 2013

As we mentioned in our previous blog Technological Advances in VoIP, VoIP is evolving, and as it does your company has to consider when you are ready for VoIP and when will it suit your organizational needs. Voice over Internet Protocol communication is maturing. Just as high-speed Internet becomes cheap and ubiquitous, an increasing number of businesses

Technological Advances in VoIP

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th June, 2013

VoIP is a proving to be a self-improving technology that responds to customer demands, business dynamics and new innovations available from developers.