Office Space Coordinators get Asked a lot of Questions

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th July, 2013

This week we are addressing some questions that our Toronto office rental coordinators have been asked. While these are not all of our frequently asked questions, these are just some that our staff answer a great deal when potential tenants visit our Toronto office space.

Scrap Multi-Year Leases Just Like Three-Year Wireless Plans

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th July, 2013

The idea of scrapping long term deals is not a new thing in the office space landscape. For years office business centres have offered office space for lease Toronto on short term contracts.

Your Business Cannot Afford NOT to Have Office Space Downtown

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th July, 2013

There are many reasons that your business cannot afford not to have office space downtown, the least of these is that it is traditional mark of successful for businesses to have a downtown address.

15 Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th July, 2013

Small businesses are always trying to cut operating costs and find inexpensive marketing solutions. So here are a few suggestions on how to save money operating your small business, as well as ways of reducing costs of marketing camaigns. Before we tell you about the 15 items on the list we compiled, we want you

Our Office Space Toronto is Providing Disaster Recovery for Businesses

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th July, 2013

Even if your business was not effected by this storm or the after effects of it, it is never to late to come up with your own disaster recovery plan,

Serviced Office Space can save you Money

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th July, 2013

When you hear serviced office providers like Telsec Business Centres talk about saving clients time and money by offering Toronto office space in a business centre environment, the question that almost immediately follows is just how does the business centre actually work and what are the benefits for tenants? The best way to start off

The Benefits of a Shared Office Space over Co-Working Offices

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd July, 2013

There has been an increase interest in shared office space and co-working spaces over the past few years, this is because more and more small business are expanding companies are beginning to see the benefits and advantages of working in a professional setting rather than a home office. But the question is which is better?

The only Wrong Office Space for Rent Toronto Question, is the Question not asked!

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th June, 2013

People, by nature are often afraid to ask a question because they think their question is a bad question or a wrong question to ask. But if you listen to any public speaker or expert on any topic (such as office for rent Toronto) they will always say that the only bad question anyone will ask is the question that is not asked.

Multitasking is a Myth and you are Better Served by Time Management

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th June, 2013

Several work place studies have found that multitasking can actually result in us wasting time rather than saving it. The reason that multitasking doesn’t work is because humans are not able to actually focus on more than one task at a time.

Ways of being More Productive in your Toronto Office Space or Virtual Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th June, 2013

One way to relieve yourself of the stress is to organize yourself to be able to have realistic priorities that you must accomplish and things you need to get done, but are not that high on your priority list.