The Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-working Offices

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th January, 2014

Over the past number of years a new office trend emerged. Well, not exactly a new office trend, just the renaming and modifying the concept of the shared office or hot desking. This new trend is called CoWorking office space

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Offices

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th January, 2014

Being that we write about the advantages of virtual offices all the time,it is quite easy for us to point out the various and many advantages of a virtual office. When it came to finding disadvantages to virtual offices, so we had to scour the internet looking for disadvantages. The disadvantages we found were mostly in respect to employees that telecommuted through a virtual office.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Serviced Offices?

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th January, 2014

We have been told that while we promote the advantages for businesses to have an office space in a serviced office facility like our office business centre, we have not discussed the perceived disadvantages or the types of business that would not benefit from having a serviced office. First we will restate the advantages and then address the disadvantages that some critics have about them.

Cloud Backup Solutions For Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th January, 2014

In our previous blog about Cloud Storage Options for Small Business, we did not address the other type of cloud computing that is important to small businesses – back-ups. While it is easy to use a cloud storage and synchronization service for a small amount of files, it is not as easy to use them

Cloud Storage Options For Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th January, 2014

If you are like many of our office space tenants, you have often found yourself at a meeting or working remotely away  from your office only to discover that you do not have the files you need. One of the best solutions for always having access to your files is cloud computing – specifically data

Internet Security Tips For Small Buiness

By Office Space Toronto In standard6th January, 2014

Just as office security is important, the security of your computers, data and privacy are things that are very important to your businenes. The threat to small business today is one that is invisible and can often be prevented by taking the right steps to insure that cyber criminals, hackers and viruses do not get

What is Canadian Food? (Guest Blog by Ian)

By Ian In standard20th December, 2013

as I was getting my coffee in the 18th floor kitchen today about “What is Canadian Food?” We all struggled with that and then later over a meal of Swiss Chalet festive meal deal I was inspired.

Our “Not So Secret Santa” Contest has come to a close – but wait until you see what’s next!

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th December, 2013

While not exactly a secret Santa gift, we are going to be awarding a few gifts today to some people who were entered into our draw for 1 of 3 Android Tablets. They were entered into the draw because they either started to follow us on Google + or commented or liked one of our

General Small Business Tips

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th December, 2013

So you want to start a small business, we have prepared a few tips to help your small business succeed. While these are just some simple tips, they are often the most overlooked details for starting and running a small business. General Small Business tip #1 – Make Sure You Are Your Ready for Entrepreneurship.

Small Business Social Media Tips

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th December, 2013

Social media has become one of the most important networking tools for today’s small business. Companies use social media to not only reach new customers and get exposure, they also use their social media channels to retain existing customers. By keeping your presence on social media, you are keeping your brand top of mind, compared