Vertical Integration and Horizontal Integration as Ways to Expand Your Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th February, 2014

There are two way for companies to grow. They can grow horizontally by purchasing another company in their industry or the can grow vertically and buy companies that are up or down their supply chain. Vertical Integration Vertical integration can bring you closer to the customer if you also have a hand in the distribution

Buying an Existing Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th February, 2014

There are basically two ways of buying an existing business – buying an existing business or buying a franchise (new or existing). With a non-franchise business there is less support than with a franchise business, but there are also no franchise fees and/or royalties to be paid. For the purposes of this blog, we will

Tracking Your Online Marketing

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th February, 2014

It is great that you are now marketing your product or service online, but what are you using to measure what is working?

Free ways of Promoting Your Small Business Online

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th February, 2014

Now that we have talked about online marketing and establishing your budget and where to spend your online marketing dollars, lets look at some of the free way of promoting your small business online.

How are you Going to use Online Marketing to Further Your Small Business?

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th February, 2014

Once you have determined your online marketing budget, then you will want to know how to use your marketing spend in the most effective way. Again, as with our previous blog on how much attention and money you should spend on your online marketing, you have to determine the most effective ways of utilizing that

How much attention and money you should spend on your online marketing?

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th February, 2014

Your online budget is not just what you spend on online advertising, but also the resources that you dedicate to it.

How Can Small Businesses Deliver Bad Customer Service?

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th January, 2014

Bad customer service has the potential to cost your business customers before they even before the make a purchase.

More Customer Service Tips for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th January, 2014

In our quest to bring small business advice to our office-space tenants and virtual office clients, we have been publishing a number of articles on our blog to help them. One of our Toronto virtual office clients suggested we post about better ways to interact with your customers to improve customer service. So here is

Customer Service Advice For Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th January, 2014

Providing good customer service is a key factor in customer retention, building a reputation of quality service and good customer service is almost more important for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Make Your Own Reality TV Show

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd January, 2014

There are TV shows about fashion and home makeovers, but there are few shows that will do a makeover for your small business. Well, you could try to get an investment from a Dragon or a Shark. But that will only change the economics of your business and give someone else the power to change