How Following Urban Legends can Harm Your Small Business Reputation

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th May, 2014

Just because someone you trust on the Internet posted it, does not make it true. The Internet is fast becoming a source of false information, rumours and urban legends. Your job as a responsible business owner is not to help spread false information and fake stories. It does not look good on you or your

Getting Funding and Financially Managing Your Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard26th May, 2014

One of our Toronto office space for rent tenants was telling one of our office business centre staffers that he recently found funding for a second business he was starting and needed to have a second phone number for that business. Hearing about the new venture and the capital that was acquired for it, was

A Look at Some of the Popular CMS Platforms

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd May, 2014

Let’s look at some of the popular CMS platforms that some of our office space tenants at our business centre, as well as some of our virtual office clients, use as their CMS website platform. WordPress is currently one of the most popular CMS platforms and it was originally developed as a tool for blogging.

Reasons A Small Business Should Consider A CMS Website

By Office Space Toronto In standard21st May, 2014

While HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) has long been the standard for website design, ever since the www exploded onto the scene in the early 90’s. This powerful programming language not only forms the building blocks of all webpages, but it is also used to code the design, structure and content of websites. Over the past

Google + Webinars for Small Business

By Terry Van Horne In standard20th May, 2014

First off I should tell you I am a huge fan of Google+ Hangouts. The infrastructure for Hangouts provides almost all the services you get with the providers in Conducting Webinars that can Help Your Small Business on hosting Public and Private Webinars. My bias stems from being a co-host and co-producer of two Google+

Tips for Having a More Successful Webinar

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th May, 2014

After reading our previous blogs on Attending Webinars and Conducting Webinars, one of our office space for rent tenants suggested that we make another blog with tips that he has learned over the past few years as a webinar presenter. He also pointed out to us a great blog he read last year from Adobe

Conducting Webinars that can Help Your Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th May, 2014

Once you have watched and/or participated in webinar as a guest or viewer, you might start thinking how conducting your own webinar might help your small business to gain exposure to not only new potential clients, but also to educate existing customers about how better to use your product or service. The pitfalls some businesses encounter

Attending Webinars is Good for Your Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th May, 2014

You have probably already heard about webinars or live web-based presentations. But just in case you have not, let us explain what they are. A webinar is an online event that is hosted by a group, organization or company that is broadcast to a select number of individuals who have signed up to watch the

Grow Your Small Business With Your Growth in Knowledge

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th May, 2014

Small business owners are always looking for new ways to grow their small business, but forget that their own growth of knowledge might just be what their business needs.

Small Business Support can be Found in an Office Business Centre

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th May, 2014

Many new small businesses begin by operating out of the garage or basement of the entrepreneur whose vision actually started the business. That may work for the formative months or even the first year of that business, but there comes a time when they need actual office space. At that point the business owner must