Location, Location, Location – But What About Having More Than One?

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th August, 2014

In the world of business (not just real estate) you often hear the phrase “location, location, location.” This is because where your business is located is not only important to how your business runs, it is important for the convenience of your customers. Depending on your business and your need to be in multiple markets,

Plan to Change Your Cloud Passwords Regularly

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th August, 2014

A recent article on CBC.ca stated that Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of internet heists affecting 420,000 websites. This is alarming and small business owners who keep their files in the cloud, should be worried and should be changing all their passwords regularly. Most big businesses have security

Has Your Small Business or Start-up Considered Serviced Office Space?

By Office Space Toronto In standard30th July, 2014

A great deal of time is spent looking for the right office space for a small business or a start-up venture – but finding the right office space to fit your business needs should not be rocket science. You need to decide if traditional raw office space or serviced offices will work best for your

Why Freelancers Should Consider Renting an Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th July, 2014

Primarily, freelancers work from home, especially when they are starting out. It makes sense to utilize space and resources that you already have. Besides being convenient to work from home , it cuts down on your start-up costs. But how do you know when it is time to move your business into office space specifically

A Cheap Day Office or a Cheap Meeting Room – Without Looking Cheap!

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd July, 2014

The reason most entrepreneurs or small businesses (who do not have a full-time office) will rent a day office is to impress a client or prospective customer. The trick is to find a cheap day office or cheap meeting room without looking cheap. You also do not want to find the most lavish looking day

Learning More About Virtual Offices Through Video

By Office Space Toronto In standard20th July, 2014

The Internet is full of information on various subjects. If there is a topic you need to learn about, most likely there is a website devoted to it. Sometimes a website might not give you all the information you need about a topic, or the website does not present information in a manor that best

No Hidden Costs and no Scams in Virtual Office Packages

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th July, 2014

No matter what product or service you are looking for, some person or company has likely created an Internet offer that sounds too good to be true. There are even some virtual office service products promoted on the Internet that are aimed at small businesses that are too good to be true – but they

Office Space Options Mean you do not Have to be in the Office all Summer

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th July, 2014

As we look around our office space each summer, there are fewer and fewer people around. It is not because there are less office tenants or a lot of people taking vacations; it is because businesses are learning the benefits of flexible office business centres that allow them to work smarter. More and more smart business

Be Sensitive About Scents in Your Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard14th July, 2014

Today you often hear about workplaces and offices that are going scent-free to help protect people with scent allergies and also for reduce stress caused by scents. Not all office places are scent-free, but you can help by being sensitive about scents in your office space and reducing their impact. Body sprays and other odour-masking

Ten Ways to Keep Your Office Space More Productive

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th July, 2014

What can you do to make your office space more productive and reduce the stress level for you and your employees? We reviewed through tips that we had previously written about, and looked to the internet for more ideas. You will be surprised how many are common-sense ideas that many do not even consider. 1.