What is Your Tipping Policy?

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th October, 2014

Recently, I have read a few articles about small business owners making various rants and raves expressing their opinions about the tipping of their staff by customers. This brings up some questions as to why and what the whole tipping process involves. The acronym “TIPS” means “To Insure Prompt Service.” But to most small business

Overcoming Small Business Challenges

By Ian In standard7th October, 2014

Starting a business is a big achievement for many entrepreneurs – but maintaining one is sometimes an even larger challenge. Some of the challenges faced by small business owners are actually ones that every business has to face, but they can be easily solved. But there are other challenges that are faced continuously by small

Bring in the Experts to Save you Time and Money

By Ian In standard2nd October, 2014

One of the best lessons that any college or university business instructor ever told me was to surround myself with experts. Nobody can be an expert at everything. Any business owner who thinks he or she can be an expert in everything in their business is setting themselves up for problems. Sometimes “do-it-yourself” solutions can

Know What you are Looking for in an Office Rental

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st October, 2014

Renting office space is considered one of the highest expenses that a small business will incur, so making the right choice and getting the right deal is very important. A small start-up cannot afford to make the wrong choice and sign up for a long-term agreement in the wrong space, with possible “hidden” costs involved.

Changing Your Corporate Colours and Logo Without Changing Your Address

By Ian In standard30th September, 2014

As many companies and professional sports teams are jumping on the re-branding bandwagon and updating their look, notice they are not changing their address or contact info. Your business address is important for current and future customers to know and remember. Having a prestigious address is important to any business, especially if you have had

Tips and Advice for flu Prevention at the Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th September, 2014

It is that time of year again to start thinking about flu prevention, and one of the best places to start is in your workplace. Unlike big business that can afford one or two people off sick, entrepreneurs and small business owners will tell you that they cannot afford to be sick with the flu

Tips for Entrepreneurs on Finding new Customers

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd September, 2014

One question that is on the mind of entrepreneurs is often “where do I find new customers?” To some small business owners, this question keeps them awake at night. They may feel that they had a great business idea, but where are the clients who are supposed to be flocking to their doors? Some entrepreneurs

Don’t Just Learn Effective Communication Skills – Practise Them!

By Ian In standard21st September, 2014

Communication is something that most of we do instinctively just like breathing, but that does not mean we always do it effectively. While it may seem easy and we believe that we are doing it correctly, some small business owners forget that communicating effectively actually takes quite a bit of finesse.

Working From Home Sounds Great in Theory, but is it Easy?

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th September, 2014

How many people dream about being able to work at home? How many imagine themselves in their immaculate home office zipping through tasks while sipping a homemade espresso or blended natural drink? Some believe that compared to the standard office, a home office is a virtual oasis of a working environment where they do not

Organizing Your Office Space Also Includes Time Management

By Office Space Toronto In standard11th September, 2014

This past week we discussed organizing your small business and organizing your office space. Now we want to talk about getting you organized with some time management tips and strategies. For small business owners who find themselves wearing many different hats and performing various jobs and tasks within a single business day, time management skills