Expanding a Service-Based or Non-Retail Business Into Canada

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th January, 2015

For a variety of reasons, Canada remains a top choice for many United States companies or brands looking to expand outside their home market. Some reasons for this are geographic proximity, a common language and a similar legal system, as well as similar consumer income and spending habits. But there is also the advantage of

Stepping Into a New Office to Begin the New Year

By Office Space Toronto In standard31st December, 2014

It is this time of year when home-based small business owners make resolutions to take their small business venture to that next step. They are at a point in their business where they can no longer use their home address as a business address. Some small business owners who are looking to get away from

Building Influence Online Can Help Grow Your Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th December, 2014

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are trying to use social media to get their message out to the masses, but are they actually building influence? Or do they know why they should be building influence? We want to help educate you on why your business should be an ‘influencer.’ Yes, you may be posting

How Well do you Know Your Customers? Can you Name Each of Them?

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th December, 2014

There is a café in Toronto called the True Love Café. From time to time, I will stop in for a coffee on my way into the office. I am by far not a regular, but the owner remembers my name every time I go in. That is what I call customer service. However, knowing

How Should Small Business Owners Deal With Holiday Season Stress?

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th December, 2014

This can be a very stressful time of year for small business owners. Even those who do not celebrate Christmas can get stressed in December and early January. It is almost expected that small retail owners are stressed by the crowds, but they are also stressed by wondering if they will make enough sales to

An Entrepreneur Needs to be a Detective

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th December, 2014

Before entrepreneurs begin working on their business venture, they need to do some detective work. Thinking of starting a business is similar to how you buy a car. You just don’t walk into a random dealership and say you want to purchase a car. You need to do some research before making such an important

How Else can you Benefit From Your Competitors?

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th December, 2014

Your business should be focusing on the niche market that you serve the best – that specific customer group who depends on your products and services. But what stands in the way of serving that niche? Your competitor or your own marketing? Learning how your competitor carves their niche and gets their customers might help

Working in a Friendly Manner With Some Competitors Will Help Your Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th December, 2014

Every business has its competitors, but picking and choosing who you need to compete with is more important. You could be a local coffee shop that is independently owned and operated, but down the street is another independently owned and operated coffee shop that is also doing a good business. That shop down the street

Don’t Play the Price Game With Competitors – Outshine Them With Your Product and Customer Care!

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd December, 2014

The consumer of a product or service that has been deeply discounted in order to get the deal, have to wonder what hidden costs they will incur and and when the price will go up when the deal period is over. If you were leasing office space for rent at a great price for 6 months, do you know what the price will be for the remainder of the term of the lease? These are important things to point out to customers when they tell you they are being offered a great deal by your competition.

Having a Scent Friendly Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st December, 2014

A while back we blogged about having a scent friendly office space. What we did not cover in that blog was the effect that scents may have on customers or potential clients. This past weekend opened the eyes of this blog writer to the effects of scents on visitors. While I was hired to assist