Why Small Business Owners Send or Receive Referrals From Competitors

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st February, 2015

There are times when goodwill between competitors can go a long way, not only in terms of healthy competition, but in the eyes of your customers. When you are too busy to fit the customer’s time frame or faced with a challenge or demand that you cannot satisfy, referring them to a competitor who can

What Kind of Learning Should you as a Small Business Owner be Doing?

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th January, 2015

One of the bigger themes of many small business blogs and advice givers it to keep learning. But what does that really mean? What do you as a small business owner need to learn? Learn more about your own product or service. Sounds simple, but after the initial launch of a new product or service,

Tips on Continuing to be a Successful Small Business Owner

By Office Space Toronto In standard27th January, 2015

Small business owners are always searching for ways to stay successful by constant innovation and introducing new products or services. But sometimes it is not that simple. We have compiled a list of things to do and things not to do that have worked for many small business owners who want to continue their success.

Small Business Owners can Choose to Hire Employees or Contractors

By Office Space Toronto In standard21st January, 2015

When a small business owner starts to see a need for more people to work within his or her business, they are faced with the dilemma of hiring an employee or contracting the job out to a freelancer. Both situations have their advantages and disadvantages. The hard part is deciding which is best for your

What is the Coffee Situation at Your Small Business Office? What is it Costing You?

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th January, 2015

Look around any office space of a business, large or small, and you will see either coffee mugs or paper coffee cups on many of the desks. Coffee is a large part of the business environment, but some business owners often do not consider what it is costing them when they do not provide coffee

Keeping up With Your Small Business Content When you are Running out of Ideas

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th January, 2015

In some of our previous articles about blogging and content creation, we have mentioned about keeping your content relevant to your customers and followers. In other postings we have mentioned that the key to keeping your audience is keeping up your blogging and social comments, not letting too much time pass between them. This is

Small Business Owners Should Know SEO Basics

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th January, 2015

Small business owners are generally not website developers, so they hire a developer. On paper, the site they design for you may look amazing, but does it follow SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices? Take some time to look up SEO best practices, so that you know what your designer can or cannot do when

Focus on the Successes of Your Small Business and not on “Trends”

By Office Space Toronto In standard12th January, 2015

Almost every other blog posting that you might see from various sources is telling you about the trends to watch for in 2015 – but there are few that remind you to improve on your 2014 successes. Many small businesses discovered some great things that were successful for them in 2014. Just because the year

Public Cellphone Usage Advice for Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th January, 2015

Have you ever been on public transit or in a confined public place and could overhear the intimate details of a loud cellphone talker? Most of those overheard conversations are about where a person is heading or what some of their private plans are. So, they are simply annoying to hear – not to mention

Expanding a Service-Based or Non-Retail Business Into Canada

By Office Space Toronto In standard7th January, 2015

For a variety of reasons, Canada remains a top choice for many United States companies or brands looking to expand outside their home market. Some reasons for this are geographic proximity, a common language and a similar legal system, as well as similar consumer income and spending habits. But there is also the advantage of