You Realize you Could use the Guidance of a Mentor, but how do you Find one?

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd March, 2015

Before beginning your search for a mentor, you need to be able to understand when and where you need help. This will improve your chances of finding the right mentor to help you. You do not want to look for a mentor who is specialized in accounting, when you need help with marketing and distribution.

You Don’t Need a Dragon or a Shark – You May Just Need a Mentor!

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd March, 2015

Entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their new or existing businesses will sometimes appear on popular TV shows like Dragon’s Den or Shark Tank to pitch their ideas to millionaire investors. While some of the people who appear on the show truly need the financial help and the clout they get by partnering

You Have Built Your Brand – now you Need to Protect it!

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th March, 2015

Everything identifying your small business , including your name, the names of your products and services, your logo, slogan and taglines, create a unique statement for your small business. Your memorable branding is what gives you that edge over your competitor and helps drive brand and customer awareness and loyalty. In order to keep your

Building More Influence on Social Media

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th March, 2015

Building more influence on social media is more about giving back than talking about your product or service through your social channels. The competitive landscape in which your brand operates changes every day. But it must still show potential customers that you are providing more than just a product or service. You need to demonstrate

Is Your Small Business Living up to Your Branding?

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th March, 2015

You have a great logo and slogan and you have researched and established the branding you want for you small business. But are you living up to that branding? Most small business owners believe they are living up to their branding and ideals, but when it comes to what their business delivers, they may not

The Branding of Your Small Business Goes Beyond Creating a Logo and Slogan

By Office Space Toronto In standard9th March, 2015

So you have come up with your business idea, you have a business plan, you have designed your logo (or have a designer create you a logo) to go with your slogan – and you have even created your marketing materials. Great job, but have you really done your branding? Before you can start developing

Virtual Office Space is not Just for Small Businesses That are run From Home

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd March, 2015

If you are regular follower of our blogs and social media postings, you will have heard us talk about the virtues of having a virtual office space as an alternative to using your home address or a P.O. Box. But this post is going to be a bit different. Inspired by a recent client’s requests

Is Your Small Business White and Gold or Blue and Black?

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd March, 2015

Unless you have been away from the news and social media for the past number of days, you have probably seen or heard postings about a dress in the U.K. that is causing controversy over what colours it is. Some people will see a white and gold dress in dark shadow, while some people see

Losing Focus on Your Small Business

By Office Space Toronto In standard26th February, 2015

So you had a great business idea – but what happened to it? Did you forget your core idea or did you get distracted? Small business owners are easily distracted by other plans or ideas primarily because of  the media they follow. That great idea they had may have been that “next great idea,” but

Recycle and Revisit Content

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd February, 2015

As a small business owner you are often faced with the problem of coming up with new content for your blog and social media. But have you considered recycling and re-purposing? Just like the paper you use in your office or that can of cola can be recycled, so can some of your older blogs