Have you heard about the “Donate & Learn” event at Ryerson University June 30, 2015?

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th June, 2015

One of our office space for rent tenant, Green Lotus, is organizing the annual Donate & Learn Expo to help small businesses learn the latest online marketing techniques, while giving back to a great cause. How did it all start? In early 2012 Bassem Ghali (Founder of Green Lotus) wanted to give back to the

An Interview With Judi Hughes of Your Planning Partners

By Terry Van Horne In standard8th June, 2015

This video and transcript are from an interview that Ian Payton of Telsec Business Centres conducted with Judi Hughes, co-founder and President of Your Planning Partners Ltd. It’s the first in a series of interviews with members of our community with the goal of raising client visibility within the Telsec business community and elsewhere. Judi

Why a Coworking Office Space May Work for You

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th June, 2015

While coworking is not a completely new idea, it is a relatively new concept in the professional world.

Being the “Leader” of Your Small Business Rather Than Being “The Boss”

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th June, 2015

Zig Ziglar wrote that “the leader and the manager must communicate effectively and regularly so all the people understand the support each supplies to the other.” In this, Zig Ziglar was most likely referring to the boss as “manager” and the “leader” as the founder, owner or visionary of the business. Every small business owner

Top 10 Advantages of Renting Toronto Office Space from an All-in-One Business Centre  

By Office Space Toronto In standard2nd June, 2015

Many expanding businesses, start-ups, international businesses and even established larger forms are looking to downsize their real estate and office-space. They are turning to all-in-one serviced office business centres and executive offices for their businesses office needs. Business owners are realizing that, with an all-in-one business centre to fill their office needs, their company can

Working Wireless in the Office? You Need to Know who has Access.

By Office Space Toronto In standard28th May, 2015

As Wi-Fi technology improved and faster speeds resulted, businesses who did not want the expense of running wires all through their offices started to look more seriously at Wi-Fi. With the help of stronger signals and better equipment, the Wi-Fi alternative started to become more popular. While businesses use repeaters and wireless access points to maximize

Small Business Funding for Women

By Office Space Toronto In standard25th May, 2015

One of the obstacles women entrepreneurs face is their access to financing. Sometimes it can be harder for women entrepreneurs to get funding than it is for their male counterparts

Office Safety and Security Issues Faced by Female Entrepreneurs

By Office Space Toronto In standard21st May, 2015

While workplace safety and security is an issue that every entrepreneur and small business owner has to think about, they are often more important to a female entrepreneur who works alone. As a general rule, it is not safe to work in an isolated office location, even for men. But for women entrepreneurs who have

Women Entrepreneurs and the Challenges They Face

By Office Space Toronto In standard19th May, 2015

For the past several years, women entrepreneurs have become the fastest growing segment of the small business community. Although creating businesses at this fast pace, there are some significant roadblocks that women business owners have to face that are different than their male counterparts. Women still face the same challenges as their male counterparts, but

Pan Am Games Teams are Using Short-Term Office Space While in Toronto

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th May, 2015

The Pan Am and Parapan Am Games begin in Toronto on July 10, 2015. The Pan Am Games are the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games, only surpassed in size and scope by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games. Many of the teams from the 41 countries will be competing in  51 sports