Happy Canada Day 2015

By Ian In standard30th June, 2015

One of our international office space tenants asked us why we are closed on July 1st, but the fact is we are not closed to tenants on holidays such as Canada Day. Our office tenants have full access to their offices, boardrooms and most of the amenities they are accustomed to, such as network printers,

The Benefits of a Business Centre

By Terry Van Horne In standard26th June, 2015

In a recent post titled Alternative office solutions we discussed some of the benefits of an office space in a business centre. The truth is, business centres have always been the best bet for any growing business, however, the alternative trend in office space is a juggernaut that has become a staple with mainstream businesses –

Alternative Office Solutions

By Office Space Toronto In standard24th June, 2015

What is an Alternative Office Solution? Simply put, it is a new type of office space design and philosophy that removes a lot of the headaches and expenses of traditional office space with much more emphasis on “collaboration space” – or as we like to call it “we space.” At first it was thought to

‘Seniorpreneurs’ are Turning to Office Business Centres for Their Office Space

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd June, 2015

The terms entrepreneur and start-up have traditionally been associated with risk and starting off with nothing, but this new breed of entrepreneurs are the retiring “baby boomers” who have spent a lifetime building their wealth and are not interested in taking on too much risk.

Having Access to Virtual Office Services During the Pan Am Games Can Be Good

By Office Space Toronto In standard18th June, 2015

With the Pan American Games in Toronto July 10-26 and Parapan American Games August 7-15, traffic in Toronto is going to be chaotic. In an effort to avoid the traffic congestion and other crowding issues caused by the games, many of our office-for-rent tenants are asking about working remotely from home or somewhere outside of

Ongoing Planning has Never Been More Important to Your Business Success

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th June, 2015

Whether your business is home-based or a fortune 500 enterprise, no individual and certainly no business can predict the future. Especially in these volatile times, businesses must prepare for unforeseen circumstances and have a plan in place well in advance for disaster recovery. A shocking reminder of this is the Boston Marathon bombings. Not only

Have you heard about the “Donate & Learn” event at Ryerson University June 30, 2015?

By Office Space Toronto In standard15th June, 2015

One of our office space for rent tenant, Green Lotus, is organizing the annual Donate & Learn Expo to help small businesses learn the latest online marketing techniques, while giving back to a great cause. How did it all start? In early 2012 Bassem Ghali (Founder of Green Lotus) wanted to give back to the

An Interview With Judi Hughes of Your Planning Partners

By Terry Van Horne In standard8th June, 2015

This video and transcript are from an interview that Ian Payton of Telsec Business Centres conducted with Judi Hughes, co-founder and President of Your Planning Partners Ltd. It’s the first in a series of interviews with members of our community with the goal of raising client visibility within the Telsec business community and elsewhere. Judi

Why a Coworking Office Space May Work for You

By Office Space Toronto In standard8th June, 2015

While coworking is not a completely new idea, it is a relatively new concept in the professional world.

Being the “Leader” of Your Small Business Rather Than Being “The Boss”

By Office Space Toronto In standard4th June, 2015

Zig Ziglar wrote that “the leader and the manager must communicate effectively and regularly so all the people understand the support each supplies to the other.” In this, Zig Ziglar was most likely referring to the boss as “manager” and the “leader” as the founder, owner or visionary of the business. Every small business owner