How do Entrepreneurs Take Vacations? Many Don’t!

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th August, 2015

When you are a solo entrepreneur running a small business, it can be very difficult to take a vacation or holiday. Even when taking a so-called holiday, many small business owners take work with them. An Angus Reid Survey from a few years ago said that “53% of Canadian professionals plan to work one to

Back to School is on the Horizon – but is Your Business Taking Full Advantage?

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th August, 2015

Every year in August we see TV commercials that promote back-to-school specials. Most come from the big box stores or the business supply stores that are always looking for ways to get you to visit them. It’s called marketing. Yes, not all small businesses are selling products related to returning to school, so how can

How Telecommuting can Work for Your Small Business, Even During Vacation Time!

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th August, 2015

Searching for office space for your growing small business? Why not consider a flexible executive office space for yourself and have your employees telecommute? You can also think about a virtual office solution for your small business and have everyone telecommute. According to World at Work, there’s been a substantial increase year-over-year in the number

Trying to do Business With Canadian Companies on August 3, 2015?

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd August, 2015

Calling a Canadian supplier or customer this August 3rd? You might not get through to them if they work in a non-retail business or for the federal government because it is a holiday. Then again, not all provinces have it as a holiday. Public holidays in Canada, known as “statutory holidays,” are legislated at the

Why Working in an air Conditioned Office can be Awesome!

By Ian In standard28th July, 2015

I primarily work from home, but on hot summer days there is nothing like going into an air conditioned office. Fact is that my apartment does not have air conditioning and most days I do not need it. But the heat and humidity over the past few days have taken their toll on my ability

The Impressive new Financial Hub At 1 Yonge Street Officially Opens

By Office Space Toronto In standard23rd July, 2015

Three of Toronto’s leading financial specialists have joined forces to launch a new Banking Centre at 1 Yonge Street (Toronto Star Building) on the Toronto waterfront. Luminus Financial (formerly Toronto Star Credit Union), Interchange Currency Exchange, and CWP Financial Services Inc. (a Sun Life Financial Advisor) have partnered to create a new, amenity-laden, full-service banking

Bassem Ghali of Green Lotus Video Interview

By Office Space Toronto In standard22nd July, 2015

Bassem Ghali of Green Lotus Interview A few weeks back we interviewed Bassem Ghali of Green Lotus as part of our “Meet the Telsec Business Centres Community” program. Our hope is that through these interviews we can provide some business tips and networking opportunities for our current and future clients. Transcript 0:10 Ian: y Your name

Canadian Entrepreneurial Trends: The GEM Global Entrepreneur Monitor

By Terry Van Horne In standard20th July, 2015

I often find myself reading long reports such as The GEM Global Entrepreneur Monitor in order to gain insight into markets I am working in – especially if it is an industry I am not familiar with or I am looking for a need not currently being be met. As the online marketing and community

Working From Home can get Very Lonely, so how can you Fight it?

By Office Space Toronto In standard16th July, 2015

Working from home is on the rise, and more companies are trusting their employees to be more productive in their own home offices than they might be at their workplace. Yet the biggest complaint from people who work from home and home-based small businesses is loneliness. This is often due to the fact that many

Virtual Office Services Can Be Great For International Entrepreneurs

By Virtual Office Toronto In standard15th July, 2015

When international entrepreneurs are looking to open shop in Canada, they often will often look to an office business centre in the city that they want to open up shop in and make arrangements for an international mail service that will forward their mail to their home in the country they live. But what about