Bicycles are Becoming More Popular as a way to get to the Office

By Office Space Toronto In standard1st September, 2015

Many places around the world have seen large numbers of people commuting to work via their bicycles. But now this is becoming more and more popular in North American cities. Pleasure pathways are fast becoming the next commuter congestion areas. The city of Toronto has over 286 “bikeway trails” and there is a call for

Why Your Small Business Needs Both Virtual Office and Cloud Office Solutions

By Virtual Office Toronto In standard27th August, 2015

We have often talked about the value of having a virtual office, but we have also discussed the virtues of having a cloud-based office too. Some recent events brought the two topics together and we knew we had to share them with our followers. Some are funny and others are not. A recent virtual office

Temporary Office Space During The Canadian National Exhibition

By Virtual Office Toronto In standard24th August, 2015

One of our virtual office space clients who lives outside of the city needed a ‘touchdown’ office space while he was vending at the Canadian National Exhibition. So guess who they called? It was a no-brainer – they were already using Telsec for their virtual office and mail forwarding service. The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)

How to Make Your Business Attractive Before Selling

By Terry Van Horne In standard20th August, 2015

Today we are blessed with advice from Peter Watson of on preparing to sell a business. If you want to get the maximum return on the sale of your business, then you need to make your business as attractive as possible to buyers. Some of the more important elements of making a business attractive to

Is Telecommuting Right for Your Company?

By Office Space Toronto In standard17th August, 2015

More and more businesses are starting to experiment with telecommuting. Whether it’s a set day a week or a flexible schedule, new technologies now allow employees to stay connected even when they’re not physically in the office space.

Business Challenges for Women

By Terry Van Horne In standard14th August, 2015

Recently, while attending a conference, there was a lot of discussion about the difficulties that women face in business. The challenges range from the social bias that women encounter to the dual role that many have as homemakers and primary caregivers. As we plan what content we should include in our upcoming learning centre, we

How do Entrepreneurs Take Vacations? Many Don’t!

By Office Space Toronto In standard13th August, 2015

When you are a solo entrepreneur running a small business, it can be very difficult to take a vacation or holiday. Even when taking a so-called holiday, many small business owners take work with them. An Angus Reid Survey from a few years ago said that “53% of Canadian professionals plan to work one to

Back to School is on the Horizon – but is Your Business Taking Full Advantage?

By Office Space Toronto In standard10th August, 2015

Every year in August we see TV commercials that promote back-to-school specials. Most come from the big box stores or the business supply stores that are always looking for ways to get you to visit them. It’s called marketing. Yes, not all small businesses are selling products related to returning to school, so how can

How Telecommuting can Work for Your Small Business, Even During Vacation Time!

By Office Space Toronto In standard5th August, 2015

Searching for office space for your growing small business? Why not consider a flexible executive office space for yourself and have your employees telecommute? You can also think about a virtual office solution for your small business and have everyone telecommute. According to World at Work, there’s been a substantial increase year-over-year in the number

Trying to do Business With Canadian Companies on August 3, 2015?

By Office Space Toronto In standard3rd August, 2015

Calling a Canadian supplier or customer this August 3rd? You might not get through to them if they work in a non-retail business or for the federal government because it is a holiday. Then again, not all provinces have it as a holiday. Public holidays in Canada, known as “statutory holidays,” are legislated at the